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I’m offering my “Print & Go” Holiday Printables to you at a huge discount! 🤸‍♀️

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Or you can get the Holiday Whole Enchilada for only $27! That’s ALL 11 holiday printables with a retail price of $97. Save $70 if you want all our printables. 

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I remember what it’s like to stop the holiday overwhelm and still do educational activities during this time of year. Some days get away from you … or your kids are having a hard time. Why not use our easy “Print & Go” Holiday Printables  when you need it .

As much as I loved hands-on activities, there were days, I need to get something done and a simple Christmas graphing page or Alphabet Craft or Memory Match Game would have simplified my life so much.  

I hate to not help when I have a solution for you.

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​Here are ALL the “Print & Go” Holiday Printables

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