Let's Have Focus on Gratitude & Change Our Focus

Gratitude can change the way you think. Statistics show that heart patients who journal 3 things per day they are grateful for … for 2 months … see a reduction in stress levels. That’s why we have our 30-Day Gratitude Journal. You may not have heart or stress issues, but I bet a grateful spirit can change you and your family.

30 Day Gratitude Journal

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Use this beautiful Gratitude Journal individually or as a family to answer the gratitude prompt that day. Record your answer or record answers from your entire family.

I started my own Gratitude Journal in 2012 and am approaching 10,000 entries. I was excited to hit my first 1000 the first year. All you have to do to have 1000 grateful items is write down 3 things you are thankful for each day.