Change Kids' Complaining to Thanking

Gratitude can have the perfect touch on your kids. The more often your children talk about and show their gratitude, the more often they will think of others, instead of themselves. They will be thankful for what they have, instead of complaining.

Gratitude Journal for Kids

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Our fun Gratitude Journal for Kids is a great way to encourage your kids to be thankful … any time of the year. Originally, we offered this journal at Thanksgiving, but realized kids (& moms) need gratitude year round.

You can use these journal printables to get the gratitude juices flowing. Let your children complete one page per day. Once it is completed, put it in a special binder for that year.

To have special memories, have your kids complete their Gratitude Journal each year. Keep them together and you will have a history of each child’s growth in gratitude.