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Animal Cell Models with Pizza

Making an animal cell model with pizza was one of our family favorite activities in homeschooling.

Whether you are doing high school biology or elementary health, making a pizza model of a cell is fun.

Who wouldn’t like it?
Learn & Eat!

Animal-Cell-Models Pizza

Animal-Cell-Models-Pizza-SuppliesComplete listing of ingredients and what they symbolize is found in activity guide below.


I browned all the sausage and froze it for future meals.


You can use pre-made pizza sauce, but I made my own. Add garlic powder, basil, pepper to a can of tomato sauce…easy!


Spread sauce on crust. Leave a border of crust to resemble the cell wall.


Slice toppings.  The ham piece was the hardest.


Place tomato & mushroom in center to symbolize nucleus & nucleolus.



Bake pizza in your oven.  Follow directions for the crust you use.

Animal-Cell-Models-Identify Organelles

After baking, allow kids a chance to identify the organelles.  Then Eat & Enjoy!

Animal-Cell-Models Pizza

Variations, printables, interactive games, videos and more are included in our Free Activity Guide.

Fill in your first name and primary email below and we will email our activity guide to you.

Have you taught the cell in another fun activity?

What else have you used pizza to teach science, math, etc?

How to Homeschool My Child

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26 Responses to Animal Cell Models with Pizza

  1. Karen says:

    Looks like a fun activity. We will be doing high school biology this year. We will not be doing many labs because we do not have a microscope.

    • Kerry Beck says:

      This is a FUN activity. The activity guide has some great sites that show what you see under a microscope – for those that might not have a microscope

  2. What a great idea! We usually make our cell model out of jello, candy and fruit. Your idea sounds yummier!!

  3. kim borst says:

    please send me an activity guide to making the cell pizza

  4. Loey Park says:

    Can you please give me the ingredients? for our school activity. 🙂

    • Kerry Beck says:

      If you fill in the form towards the bottom of this post, we will send you the Cell Activity Guide that includes ingredients & exactly how to do this activity.

  5. Kelley Trevathan says:

    Will you please send me the ingredients/activity guide for the cell model pizza? Thanks!

    • Kerry Beck says:

      You can get all the ingredients & our free activity guide by entering your email above. We have it set up so it automatically sends you the activity guide you actually want … without having to manually look up the right activity guide. It’s a really fun activity.

  6. Jeannie Montague says:

    Animal Cell pizza please

  7. Christina Ontiveros says:

    I would like to have complete ingredient list for animal cell pizza for my son to make for science class. I really liked your idea. Thank you!!

  8. Allie Crawford says:

    I would really like a complete ingredient list. I love the idea!

  9. Laurie GLEMSER says:

    Activity guide and complete lis of ingredients please!

    • Kerry Beck says:

      Laurie, please enter your email in the box above and it will automatically send you the activity guide. Thanks!

  10. Wilkins says:

    Neat activity! 🙂 Some of my classes are doing edible cell models!! 🙂

  11. Rebekah says:

    I would love the ingredients list and corresponding organelles! thank you!

    • Kerry Beck says:

      You can get the ingredients and many more cell activities by entering your email in the form on this blog post. Glad this looks interesting to you.

  12. Brenda Balzer says:

    Could I please get the cell ingredient list and activity guide?

    • Kerry Beck says:

      You should have received an email with all the directions, ingredients and activities. Please let me know if you haven’t received it.

  13. Rebecca says:

    I filled in my the form for the activity and guide and never got it…

    • Kerry Beck says:

      I’m not sure why you didn’t receive it & I apologize for a tardy reply. We had an unexpected death in our family first of Nov and I’m just now catching up. Let me send it to you.

  14. Fiona says:

    Hi, can you give me a recipe for a vegetarian’s version? My teacher’s vegeterian so I have to make a vege pizza

  15. Heidi says:

    Can I please get the info

    • Kerry Beck says:

      You can get all the directions by entering your email in the box towards the end of this post. We will email the recipe for your animal cell pizza. Let us know if you have any issues.

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