How Kids Can Make Money & Have Fun, Too

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I’m so excited about interviewing my son tomorrow night. I hope you can join us for our free webinar, “How Kids Can Make Money & Have Fun”.

Why am I interviewing my son?

becks - Hunter Kerry Ephesus TurkeyHunter ran his own business, starting at the age of 10. He is now 19 years old and wants to share his successes & failures with other kids interested in a kid business.

What better way to learn, than from another homeschooler.

Here are just a few secrets Hunter will reveal as I interview him:

  • Basic problems of a kid business
  • How to solve those problems
  • Factors of a business that every kid should know before they get started
  • How to balance a kid business and still have a fun childhood at the same time
  • How to still run a business during the school year
  • Ideas for kids to get started
  • Knowledge that will get kids headed in the right direction

We’ll also announce the winner of our Blog Giveaway, a copy of Hunter’s new ebook, Your Own Marshmallow Gun Business

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Bottom Line

On this 50-minute Webinar, you’ll discover more about how your kids can start a SUPERIOR business that will make a profit for longer than just a couple weeks ..than you’ve ever heard anyone reveal before!

How Kids Can Make Money - lemonadeIt’s happening THIS Tuesday, June 19 at 9:00PM (EasternTime) especially for my valued clients and subscribers.

This webinar will be different from any others we’ve hosted because it will not be a homeschool mom or dad teaching. It will be a homeschool graduate sharing what he learned & how your family can apply it.

Join us Tuesday, by registering below:

How to Homeschool My Child

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