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Avis is the winner of Hunter’s ebook.  Congratulations!

Recently my son completed his own ebook, “Kids Make Money with Marshmallow Guns”  Hunter was 10 years old when he started his marshmallow gun business.  He share tips & tricks on how he made $1000 each summer selling marshmallow guns.

Ways Kids Can Make MOney - Marshmallow GunsIf you want to enter our contest for a free copy of Hunter’s Marshmallow Gun Business ebook, leave a comment below.  Tell us how your kids will make money or how they could use Hunter’s ebook.

You can also get an additional entry for each of the following:

You are also invited to our free webinar about “How to Make Money & Have Fun: 5 Strategies to a Successful Kid Business” Click here to register for this free webinar and you will discover ways kids can make money.


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  1. This would be great for my kids! Very few of the traditional kid business options work in our community so this might be something they could try.

    1. Judi,
      I hope you are able to watch our webinar on Tuesday. I’m posting info on this blog shortly.

  2. I have 4 boys. If they could win this boy book they could spend summer making these marshmallow guns and trade them at Trappers next January!! Also they can donate them to an auction for their robotics team in August! So many great ideas!!! Hope they win!! Thanks – Susie in Ks

  3. I don’t have children of my own… but Hunter’s story has inspired my two nephews to set up a ‘kids entrepreneurs club’ in out hometown, so they can all learn from each other.

  4. My younger girls are always trying to find a way to sell things. My 6 yr old is really into trying to start her own business! This would be a great thing for her to try.

    1. Your 6yo sounds like a natural entrepreneur. Hope she can watch the webinar. We plan to have a reply during the day in case it’s too late for her.

  5. I think this book would be great for my sons to see that young people can be successful at the things that interest them.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win this wonderful resource!

  6. My daughter is selling her cookbook, “Cooking with CC: Sweet Treats and Bake Sale Secrets” as well as Tile Talk – custom tiles with vinyl sayings. My older son is doing social media setup and support for companies and fixing computers and my youngest son is working for me in my businesses. 😉

  7. My kids want to do something like this all the time, last summer they wanted to do a lemonade stand. This book would be good.

  8. My son has been trying to talk me into letting him start a business since he was about 8, and I have no idea about such things, so I’ve put him off unfortunately. Now that he is 14, I’d love for him to learn from someone that has done this so he can start his first business on the right foot. Thanks for the giveaway!

    1. Jen, You should join our webinar on Tuesday. Hunter will be sharing 5 strategies that kids can be successful in their own business. Good luck in the giveaway

  9. My eldest son is ten. My two boys are always wanting to do something to raise money, and I never know how to help them. We all need this!

    1. Sarah,
      boys love marshmallow guns, so this might be a great idea for your sons. Hope you can make our webinar on Tuesday where Hunter will share tips for kids in business

  10. My older girls sell fresh produce to make money. I would love to have your ebook for my 13 year old son!

    1. Congrats to your daughters selling produce. Your sons are welcome to join us on Hunter’s webinar – How Kids Can Make Money & Have Fun

  11. My older boys are mowing lawns, laying pipe and detassling corn this summer. My girls are selling their flowers and training to become babysitters. My little boys want to find jobs or ways to make money but we haven’t gotten very far with that. Maybe your book would be of help.

    1. Janna,
      You have lots of entrepreneurial kids. Hope they can join us for Hunter’s webinar interview on Tuesday – How Kids Can Make Money & Have Fun

  12. Sounds like lots of fun! Looking forward to hearing the webinar. We are trying to figure out a job for my 9-12 year olds. They walk dogs for a neighbor, but you can only walk so many dogs!

    1. Cyndi,
      Hunter considered walking dogs. His dad had him write down all the jobs he could do with dogs before he actually started his marshmallow gun business

  13. I sold “Caleb’s coffee and cookies” one year I was able to purchase a goat for a child in Uganda. He wrote to share how this gift from Compassion has blessed their family during a drought!

  14. My oldest 7.5 is always wanting to sell things. Even daddy wants to start an at home business. this would help them both!

    1. Ann Marie,
      Home businesses can be great supplemental income…or just plain fun for your kids. Hope you can make the webinar.

  15. My younger kids raise chickens and sell the eggs, while my older boys mow lawns, clean beaches and stack wood for summer work. You have to think entrepreneurial when you live WAAAYYY out in the country! This book would give us more insights as to where to take this business thing :)Thank you for the opportunity.

  16. My oldest son, 9, made a list of things to do to make money this summer, including lemonade stands, raking lawns, etc. From looking at Hunter’s book, it seems that his ROI (Return On Investment) of time would be higher using the marshmallow gun method. So, thanks for this opportunity!

    1. you’re so welcome. Hope you can hear Hunter on our webinar as he shares things that worked and things that didn’t work

  17. My oldest son, 9, is always talking about making money and my husband and I have a hard time giving him tools to use, so this book will help all of us. Thanks!

  18. My two oldest boys (11 & 9) have started using my grain mill (which makes the freshest flour) to make homemade bread to sale. They’re looking forward to perfect other recipes for Fall & Christmas breads! Love to see their ambition!!!

    1. Consuela,
      Thanks for sharing. My kids baked bread & cookies for Thanksgiving & Christmas. The “profit” they made was used to buy gifts for a missionary family. We have fond memories of those holiday seasons.

  19. my teenage son has become an ‘illusionist.’ (wish he could make the clutter in his bedroom disappear!!) he has gotten a couple of jobs here and there, but with the economy the way it is, he has to support his ‘habit’ by working at a local grocery store. he is creative, and would love to be able to do something from home… this e-book could give him the impetus and encouragement to start his own business at home. thank you, kerry!

  20. Thank you for the opportunity to put the information in my family’s hands on how to make some money and still have fun!!! To instill that entrepreneur spirit is a service I’d like to perform for our children!!!! God Bless all your efforts to help and encourage home school families!!!

    1. Thanks for your very kind words. Please keep me posted in any other areas we can encourage homeschoolers

  21. This sounds like it would be just the thing for my youngest son! He would love to learn how to make some money not to mention make his own marshmallow gun. Thanks for the giveaway.

  22. I think this would be a great project to bridge the large age gap between my youngest and oldest son. Nothing like guns, marshmallows and money making to bring boys together!

  23. My 10 year old has recently expressed an interest in having her own business, so the timing of this is perfect! We’d love to read the book!

  24. My kids have tried selling these guns before, without much luck. We’d love to have more ideas to make it a profitable venture.

  25. This would be wonderful for my son and daughter. Although they have asked many times for something to do or even tried a lemonade stand, I am not very good at coming up with something to do, let alone HOW to help them do it. This is just the ticket . Thanks for your consideration!

  26. My son (10) has shown an interest in starting a small business where he could raise money and donate the profits to charity as a service act. Having a guide like this would be a great help to him.

  27. Congrats on the ebook! My daughter is always trying to come up with new ideas to raise money for Relay for Life. This would be a great read! Thanks for the opportunity!

  28. My family are adults with children of their own.

    Hunter’s story is very inspirational and an encouragement for
    business minded kids.

    Many thanks Kerry


  29. My kids would like to start an cage free egg selling business among others. They would love to learn more pointers from Hunter.

  30. My daughter has had a flip-flop business since she was 7. She is now 13. It always does well each year, but this year the enthusiasm is waning. Thought the book might inspire!

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