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Make a Thankful List {30 Days of Thanksgiving Activities for Kids – Day 1}

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How to make a Thankful List with your kids - 30 Days of Thanksgiving Activities for Kids

I am so excited this year to be doing our 30 Days of Thanks! But I am doing it a little differently – focusing on the KIDS. Starting today, I will post one of our fun Thanksgiving activities for kids to complete. I will post for the next 30 days (month of November). So, be sure to come back and look at what’s new everyday.

Family Thank You List

Several years ago, the kids & I kept a list of thanks on our refrigerator. Every time I opened the frig, I was reminded of something to which I could be thankful.

This is an awesome project for the month of November and you will see the power of gratitude as you do this as a family. It will help you and your kids focus on the good things in your lives, instead of the problems. It will also help you focus on what God is doing for you.

Family Prayer List

Whenever you or your kids think of something else to be thankful, go add it to your refrigerator list of thanks. By the end of November, you’ll have a great list.

One of my favorite ways to use your refrigerator list of thanks is as a prayer list . . . prayer list of thanksgiving. Keep it nearby so you have something to thank God every time you pray as a family.

What are you waiting for?

30 Days of Thanks - Make A List - thank you note

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Question: What are the first things on your refrigerator list of thanks? You can leave a comment by clicking here.


2 Responses to Make a Thankful List {30 Days of Thanksgiving Activities for Kids – Day 1}

  1. Jackie says:

    My first Thank You list item will actually be 2 items.

    The first is 47 years and 4 months of Marriage from the day of my Betrothal to my Beloved. I love him now more now than the day HASHEM brought him to me.

    The second is the 3 children the GOD had given us. HE took 5 home to be with HIM before they were born but I have grown to know that HE knows what was best for me and them.

    • Kerry Beck says:

      That is awesome, Jackie! Congrats on a long marriage and 3 beautiful children who walk on this earth …and the others who Jesus has in His hands

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