What is Love … in a Church?

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Last week I started writing a series on what is love . . . practical ways we can show God’s love in real life.  Today, I’d like to share a story from a friend of mine who told me about a church that restored one of their members (FIRST) to fellowship with God & (THEN) to those in the church. I hope this is an encouraging example to you & YOUR KIDS.

I was very impressed with the way they handled the situation and want to share it with you in hopes that you can show God’s steadfast, enduring love. Personally, I’ve never seen anything like this in the past 40 years.

So . . . here’s a story of God’s love . . . seen in His people!

What is love ... God's unfailing love in a church

There was a man who left his wife, emptied their bank accounts and said his wife could have his business (which was worthless without him). The elders tried to contact him, but he did not respond. Since he was a public speaker, his wife was able to tell the elders where he was speaking. They got in their car and drove out of town to visit with this man.

They did not care if this man refused his phone calls or texts. His relationship with God was most important.

They talked to this man, but he said he was not interested in reconciling with his wife. “No way…ain’t happening!”

So the elders returned to their church and told the members. I do not know exactly what they said. I do know it was done quickly after the elders returned home. And it was shared with the membership, the church, believers.

What happened next astounds me!
What happens next is a picture of God’s UNFAILING love here on earth!

The church members reached out to this man letting him know how much they loved him. I don’t know all they did, but it did include letters & notes of love. They showed love!

Eventually the man & his wife went to counseling.  He did not move back in their home immediately. They worked on their marriage.

And yes…they reconciled …and stayed married!  Woohoo!

When asked why he chose to reconcile with his wife when he originally said, “no way”, he replied…

I felt my church loved me.


That’s the opposite of many churches I’ve seen.

Over time, I have not see many churches that bombard me with LOVE . . . love that cares, love that is concerned about me, love that walks with me in my messy life.  After reading this, I am personally encouraged to reach out to others and JOURNEY with them in their struggles …instead of preaching to them how to live their life.

If you have someone in your life who is not following God, I encourage you to love them. Love covers a multitude of sins!

That’s what I’m doing in my life . . . sharing God’s unfailing love to my family & friends.

As Americans, we want to fix our friends & family problems. We want to tell them how to live, what to do to follow God.  Rarely, do we truly love those with problems . . . so they feel loved and turn back to God. That requires faith, faith in a God who is in total control.

Too often, we forget that love changes those struggling to follow God. I truly believe we repent & turn to God when we experience God’s love.

What did I notice in this story?
What can you discuss with your family?

  1. The man did not respond, but the church pursued in love
  2. The elders (those walking with God) did not wait for the man to call him back or answer their call.
  3. The elders left town as a group to find him. They did not care if they showed up in a place where he did not want to see them. His restoration to God was utmost importance, not checking off the law’s checklist.
  4. The man was not going to reconcile with his wife, even if elders told the church membership.
  5. Members found out quickly.
  6. Announcement was told only to members / believers in Jesus Christ, not everyone who attends the church.
  7. LOVE restored this man to God
  8. LOVE restored this man to God
  9. LOVE restored this man to God
  10. LOVE restored this man to God

Why in the world did I list LOVE four times in my thoughts?

Too often, I see believers wanting to speak truth in love….but really there is no love, no concern, no care for the rebellious person.  I am convinced more than ever that love, concern & care win our friends & family back to God.

What about you? What is love to you … to your church?

What is love to you … to your church? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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