How To Homeschool My Child


I’m so glad you are here.  Below are several homeschool resources we recommend to homeschooling families. I’ve also included in the caption who can best use that resource.

If you are not matching your homeschool with your goals for your kids …
Or, if you don’t have the end goal in mind when homeschooling …
If you are stuck in a rut when it comes to choosing curriculum …
If you buy the same “stuff” each year just because you used it last year …
If you are NEW to homeschooling
If you’ve been homeschooling, but think there’s a better way

Realize no single approach to homeschooling works for all ages & all subjects.
Discover which method is best for your kids & your family with
Approaches to Christian Homeschooling

Discover which of the 7 Approaches to Christian Homeschooling is the best fit for you |

If you have younger kids
If you want an overall strategy of leadership education
If you want specific ideas on character development
If you want 9 strategies to develop a love of learning
If you have kids shifting to independent learning

…you should get Raising Leaders, Not Followers

how to raise your kids to be Godlly leaders, not just followers ... from
Raising Leaders, Not Followers – FREE workshop

Wanted to let you know I listened to the webinar on “Starting the School Year Right”, and was really blessed by it. I was especially impressed about how you said character was the most important “subject”. Now that my kids are 13 and 11 (also took in my 6 year old niece in February), I am realizing how much we have been lacking in this area, and that I really need to focus on it before it is too late. Thank you so much for producing this webinar and for all the other helpful information for homeschooling moms.
God bless you and your family. : ) -Lisa H.

If you have older kids
If you want specific tips on how to develop critical thinking
If you want practical ways to use mentoring in your homeschool
If you want to use classic books in your homeschool
If you want to know how to have discussions in your homeschool…

you should get Teach Your Children “How to Think” with Mentoring

teach your kids how to think for themselves. this paperback is perfect to help you - Teach Your Children "How to Think" with Mentoring from HowToHomeschoolMyChild.comTeach Your Children “How to Think” with Mentoring

Best Books of All Times

Girls Get Up & Go (coming soon)


Character Building
For Instructions in Righteousness
Put On Chart
4 Chart Package



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