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Classical Tool Kit


Classical education has been around forever, or so it seems. One reason I love following this method is because it truly follows a child’s learning development.

It centers on literal-type learning experiences with young children. If you’ve been around a young child, you know they want to hear the same book over and over and over. You might be pulling out your hair, but they love it.

That’s because young children think literally. They love repetition. So, why not use repetition and literal thinking to teach at this age?

As kids begin to argue and gain abstract thinking, it’s time to move forward in classical education. It’s time to move into the logic and rhetoric stages of classical education. Teach your kids how to craft a logical argument and how to persuade someone to your point of view or opinion.

You’ll get all the basics of classical education in this tool kit. Take a look:

  • How to Use Classical Education in Your Homeschool
    Video Workshop (value $10)
  • How to Use Classical Education in Your Homeschool
    Transcript  (value $10)
  • How to Get Started with Classical Education ebook (value $15)
  • Classics Book Lists: Children, Teens, Adults (value $11)

Retail $46 – Tool Kit Price $19


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