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Windows to the World

Windows to the World

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“Do Your Students Struggle with Analyzing & Understanding Literature? Struggle NO MORE!”


If you are scared to teach high school literature…
If you want your kids to study literature with a Christian perspective…
If you don’t have time to research literature
If you homeschool high school kids?
If you teach high school literature at a private school or co-op…
If you want your kids to think Biblically as they read…
If your kids don’t know how to write a well-thought argument…


If you are looking for your own personal teacher for you & your kids, Windows to the World is for you. I’m sure you will find Ms. Myers the perfect literature teacher for your kids.

Students will write arguments that answer questions about meaning and purpose.

If you don’t know how to teach the process of writing argument, you have come to the right place.

Windows to the World will show your students how to….

  • Form a thesis statement
  • Structure body paragraphs that develop your argument.
  • Write good topic sentences
  • Blend quotations into their argument
  • Use correct punctuation with quotations
  • Develop commentary within your argument
  • Form thoughtful introductions and conclusions
  • Most of all Lesha Myers provides plenty of examples for each part of your kids’ persuasive argument. I’ve seen teachers explain the structure of the body paragraphs but NEVER give examples of well-written paragraphs. Your students will see what a good introduction, body and conclusion paragraph look like.

Your students will have a checklist they can use to be sure their essay is written correctly.

Windows to the World goes beyond literary analysis and includes strategies to analyze the worldview of literature. As a Christian parent, this is one of my favorite parts of this book. It gives your kids a method to analyze the worldview from a Biblical perspective. Isn’t that one of the main goals as we teach our kids to think for themselves? That they analyze the world around them from a Biblical perspective. This includes analyzing the books they read.

As you can see, Windows to the World is the perfect High School English course to teach your students to think for themselves as they analyze & write about literature pieces. I highly recommend it to Christian parents and teachers who want their students to think Biblically as they read & write.

If you are looking for an English course that has lots of worksheets, questions and pre-written tests, this is not the course for you. If you are looking for a course that has open-ended questions so your students actually think about the topic at hand, Windows to the World is definitely for you…Enjoy!

WHY I LIKE Windows to the World:IEW Windows to the World

It wasn’t until I had a chance to read through these manuals that I realized Lesha Myers actually gives you two guides for the price of one. She teaches your kids both reading & writing skills in one manual. As they complete this manual, they will analyze literature and use what they discover in their own writings. Pretty Cool if you ask me. This saves you time as an high school English teacher. You don’t have to create separate lessons for reading & writing. It’s all in one manual.

13 Reasons Why I Like Windows to the World:

  • Save you time & hassle  – Windows to the World includes every detail you need to teach literature as a teacher. It also includes a Student Book that tells your student exactly what to do when they read their literature.
  • You also receive a schedule for the entire year. You can choose to cover the lessons in one semester (18 weeks) or three quarters (26 weeks – Enhanced with Supplements).
  • Takes out the Guess Work – Shows & Tells what to do. If your student is suppose to do something, he/she is told what to do and how to do it. Then, Ms. Myers SHOWS examples so kid can see exactly what she means. No more guessing what the author means.
  • Research is done for you  – Resources for Enhanced Studies are included in each lesson. You don’t have to do any research, just open up your manual and use the resources provided for Enhanced studies. When your kids want to learn more or need extra help, you already know what to do.
  • Answers to Student Manual – This may seem obvious, but not all guides provide answers to the student questions. Ms. Myers has provided sample answers for the Student Manual. Use this as a guide for you to stimulate discussion and/or grade exercises.
  • Complete explanations for each literary element. The student manual provides explanations for each literary element being taught. Not only does your student receive explanations, he/she will have lots of exercises to practice.
  • Graphic Organizers – Many of the literary elements are easier understood with charts, graphic organizers and drawings. If your kids learn better seeing something drawn out, this will help them understand better.
  • Checklists – Many lessons have checklists to help your students keep track of what they are learning. You don’t have to design your own checklists! They are done for you! As a BONUS, students have all checklists rewritten at the end of their Student Manual. You can make copies as you analyze individual pieces of literature or as your kids write their literary analysis essay.
  • No More Book Reports – As your student works through the Windows manual, he will write literary analysis instead of book reports. This means you get 2 guides in 1. Your students will learn to analyze books they are reading AND discover how to form well-written arguments. This is NOT a BOOK REPORT.
  • 2 Guides for 1 – Meyers teaches both reading and writing to your kids in 1 manual.
  • Stories – The stories and lessons are right here in the book for you. You do NOT have to spend time searching for each story and literary piece.
  • Samples & Examples – Unless otherwise noted, Lesha has not used actual student samples for these lessons. Instead, she has created examples based on typical student responses.
  • FREE Shipping – Did I mention we offer FREE shipping on all IEW products?  That’s right!  You do NOT pay shipping.  It’s on us.


100% Money Back Guarantee…for Life.  You may request a refund of the purchase price, as long as the product is in re-saleable, like new condition.


You can search all over the internet, but I’ve already done the work for you.    You don’t have anything to lose with our money-back guarantee.  Grab your copy of Windows to the World below. You’ll be glad you did.

IEW Windows to the World


YES! I want teach my students how to analyze and understand literature, using IEW’s Windows to the World for $49 with free shipping.
I UNDERSTANDI will receive: 
  • Windows to the World student manual
  • Windows to the World teacher’s manual
  • Checklists included in the manual:
    –Annotation Checklist
    –Plot & Suspense Checklist
    –Literary Analysis Checklist
    –Character Checklist
    –Symbol Checklist
    –Theme Checklist
    –Journal Writing Checklist
    –Setting Checklist
    –Mood & Tone Checklist
    –Point of View Checklist
  • Student Resource Notebook (ebook)
  • Suggestions for Continued Use
  • FREE shipping!

I UNDERSTAND… that Windows to the World comes with a 100% money back guarantee. I may request a refund of the purchase price, as long as the product is in re-saleable, like new condition.

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