Daily Bible Verse Helps for Homeschoolers

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Last time I discussed the spies’ mission from God as they researched the promised land. Homeschoolers are also on a mission – to teach God’s Word every day, all day long.

How Can You Teach Daily Bible Verses?

1. Memorize Scripture “With” Your Kids

I recently finished reading Tim Tebow’s biography (Denver Broncos fame). In the Tebow family, you could not watch McGuyver on Saturday night unless you recited your memory verses. Find something your kids enjoy and connect it to memorizing their verses.

Tim Tebow Daily Bible Verse Memory

Our children participated in Awana for many years, so God’s Word is hidden in their hearts. Find a time in your daily schedule to help your children memorize Scripture so they have God’s Word forever.

Daily Bible Verse at Breakfast2. Read God’s Word as a Family

We attached our family devotions to something we did every day: eat breakfast together. Steve finished eating before the rest of us, so he read Scripture as we finished breakfast. Afterwards, we discussed the Scripture & Biblical principles as a family. A few of our favorite resources w re Teaching Hearts, Training Minds and Our 24 Family Ways, by Wholeheart Ministries.

*** Side Note: If your husband does not want to have family devotions do NOT nag him. I’ll share my story at another time, but for now…don’t nag him.

Pray for his heart to change.

You can lead family devotions with your children while he is at work. Whatever you do, don’t cram devotions down his throat by leading devotions in front of him. Do it discreetly and kindly. Give your children a positive view of God’s Word.

3. Hang Scripture in Your Home

Write your daily Bible verse on cards, hanging them where everyone sees them – bathroom mirror, kitchen sink, dinner table. I use one of those photo holders at the kitchen sink for my memory verse cards.

When I led Mom to Mom, we memorized Scripture together. The young moms told me their children what was hanging on the bathroom mirror. What a great opportunity to discuss God’s Word

Daily Bible Verse Scripture Memory CD4. Listen to Scripture CDs in the Car

Singing is one of the easiest ways to memorize anything. Find good Bible verse CDs and listen while you drive.

Your kids are a captive audience in your car. Take advantage of it. I sure did!

Surprise them one day and stop the CD. Ask them what the song means. Start a discussion and see where God leads.

5. Be Purposeful in Using Scripture in Every Day Life

This is the bulk of God’s assignment for us in Deuteronomy.

When our kids were young, I would quote Scripture as I corrected. One of my favorites was “Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God in Christ has forgiven you.” Eph 4:32. If your kids are arguing, this is a perfect verse to share with them.

Doorposts Publishing has terrific tools to help you. Check out their charts.

Daily Bible Verse-Doorpost, For Instruction in RighteousnessAs the kids grew up, I had them look up Scripture when they were sinning. My favorite tool was For Instruction in Righteousness. When they were old enough to read God’s Word themselves, they chose 3 verses about their specific sin. They had to write down how these verses applied to their situation.

When they became teenagers, I wish we had spent more time talking about Scripture as they made decisions. This is where I sometimes failed. Teenagers need to be reminded, as adults do, that God’s Word is applicable in all areas of life – dealing with friends, choosing a job, deciding what to do after homeschool.

God has you on a mission, just like He sent the 12 spies on a mission to the promised land. God is very specific about your mission.

As you raise your children, be sure to diligently teach His Word throughout your days, your weeks & your years.

How do you use Scripture everyday?

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