Writing a Thank You Note to Businesses {30 Days of Thanks}

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What is Thanksgiving 30 days of thanks

With whom do you do business?

Today I sent a thank you note to my banker and his assistant. Both Randy & Cara have taken great care of our family.

A few weeks ago…

When I showed up to get some checks approved for deposit on a Friday afternoon, my banker said he would make the deposit…I didn’t have to stand in a very long line. Of course, I said thanks.

When I made an online transfer into the wrong account, his assistant took care of getting our money in the right accounts. I sent her a thank you card too.

Do I get anything from these cards?

Yes, the satisfaction of saying how much I appreciate these two people.

With whom do you do business?
To whom can you say thanks?

Think of those in your local community that you can say “thanks”. Send that person a thank you note today…an “unexpected” thank you note

It might be a florist, book store, coffee shop, cafe, gift shop, bakery, paint store, electronics . . . anywhere you do business locally. Those shop owners deserve an unexpected thank you from YOU!

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