Watch “How to Simplify Your Life”

I have a replay … yay! You can watch it below! I’m still editing to get rid of the intro comments the first 2 minutes, but it’s here for you now! Remember the EARLY BIRD BONUS ends Thursday, September 19. Choose one of our E-Classes as your early bird bonus.

Watch the Workshop Here:

And . . .

I couldn’t cover all the details you need to simplify your life & reduce overwhelm in your homeschool, your home, your family in this workshop. That’s why I’m super-excited to invite you to the best online workshop for Christian moms available in 2019.

I am honored to join 22 other Titus 2 women on the Crafting a Gospel Centered Home Online Conference.

I can’t wait to watch these sessions…

  • How to Stop Burnout Before It Starts
  • Parenting for Jesus when You’re the Hot Mess
  • Putting on Love & Kindness in Our Homes
  • Finding Hope in Your Desert Season
  • Joyful, Effective, Consistent Family Devotions: How to Make it Happen when You’re Really Busy
  • Controlling Your Finances to Change Your Family’s Future
  • Taking Care of Ourselves as Moms

To help you out, Jami, of Homemaking Ministries, gave me a special code that let’s you (only my readers) save $10 when you register for the online course by this Sunday.

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You can choose from one of these courses:

  1. Encourage a Love of Learning
  2. Teach How to Think with Mentoring

What will you receive
… and how do you SAVE $10 &
get one of my E-Classes for FREE?

  • 23 Speakers – All ages & walks of life
  • We’re NOT Perfect
  • Lifetime Access to all workshops
  • Private Facebook Group with Speakers
  • Digital Notebook with Handouts for all Workshops
  • Real life tips & tricks to help you avoid our mistakes

To SAVE $10 & receive one free E-Class
from Kerry Beck …

Register by Thursday, Sept 19

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    Love of Learning  OR Teach How to Think with Mentoring