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For many homeschool families, it’s back to school time. You’re gearing up for a new year, brushing off that curriculum and making plans for your kids’ education.

Back to school time is so much fun, with all the new books. Real books are one way to encourage a love of learning. If you’re like me, you want your kids to love learning for the rest of their lives, but you still question your homeschooling methods.

Are your kids “less than” motivated to love learning?
Do you want to inspire your kids to love learning for a lifetime?
Is it hard to encourage your boys to even like, much less love, learning?
Are you struggling to help your kids have the tools of learning?

I understand.

My kids even complained about homeschooling – GASP!

Don’t believe all the speakers who say their kids LOVE homeschooling all the time. My kids loved it sometimes, but many times they didn’t. Their love for learning grew and it took time. Give yourself grace & time (years) to allow your kids to fall in love with learning.

I used 3 simple strategies in her homeschool to give my kids a love of learning, as well as the tools of learning. I want to invite you to join me as I share these 3 strategies on a free Homeschooling Workshop.

encourage a love of learning

3 Strategies to Encourage a Love of Learning
Tuesday, September 15, 2020

You can choose which time slot is best for your schedule:

2pm EDT / 1pm CDT / 12noon MDT / 11am PDT
5pm EDT / 4pm CDT / 3pm MDT / 2pm PDT
9pm EDT / 8pm CDT / 7pm MDT / 6pm PDT

Come discover these simple techniques you can use every day in your homeschool.

  • 5 Tools of Learning for a Lifetime
  • An easy technique Dad & Mom can do daily to encourage love for learning
  • Practical Examples of Loving Learning
  • Why develop a Love of Learning
  • How to Be a Role Model in Learning
  • What you already have at home to inspire learning
  • Secret to Success for homeschool moms to encourage love for learning
  • Bonus Strategy to get started on the right foot & love learning

Thank you, Mrs. Beck! I loved it and I really appreciate all your godly wisdom and great advice! I love how you encourage younger moms to relax, trust God, be the kind of person we want our kids to be, follow our husbands, and read to our kids!

You blessed me so much!

– Katherine George

You have 3 times to attend the Masterclass, so what are you waiting for? The information is invaluable. Go ahead & grab your seat right now.


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