Why I Keep Blogging? (and Why I have this Website)

So why do I write this blog?
Why do I have a website?
Why do I sell homeschool products?

Here’s one major reason:

Why I Blog ... why do you blog

Isn’t she cute! Last month I played Gigi and babysat for 5 days while her parents took a vacation. We were getting ready for church & I had to take a quick photo!

She is a major reason I blog about homeschooling. I want homeschooling to be available to her & her parents when she is school age.

Another Reason I Blog

But there is another reason I blog.  It’s all about kids and families in El Salvador. No, they don’t homeschool in El Salvador, but this blog helps me get to El Salvador several times a year. In fact I was in El Salvador this past  month to celebrate our first young lady graduating from university.

Why I blog... support SHIP and the El Salavador orphanage

In case you haven’t read about my travels to El Salvador, let me share a quick summary so you have a clear understanding of why this website even exists.  You see, this website & ALL its profits go directly to Shelter the Homeless International Projects and its work in El Salvador.

Three years ago, Steve & I took our first mission trip to El Salvador…just to check it out! WOW!  What a mountain experience. I haven’t had that high again.  Steve & I were immediately called back to El Salvador and the families who need God’s help – salvation, education, work opportunities.

God is working mightily in El Salvador through an orphanage, through the SHIP neighborhood, through the ladies with micro-businesses, and much more. I’m amazed at the people God is bringing to eternal salvation, as well as immediate salvation from poverty.

When I go to El Salvador there are several areas of SHIP where I work. Just to let you know, I don’t work in the remodeling of neighbor’s homes. That’s Steve & Hunter’s job. I do take photos of the construction jobs.

Why I blog...why do you blog or use social media

Officially, I am called the Education Coordinator, spending my time organizing activities with the kids, teens & women.  Some of those activities include:

  • planning VBS for the kids in the orphanage & in the neighborhood
  • training SHIP trippers to teach VBS
  • coordinating teen girls Bible study for orphanage & neighborhood – to let them know the US young women struggle with similar issues
  • finding leaders of the men’s Bible study for neighbor teens and men working on our new building
  • teaching our business seminars for our women who have micro-businesses

I could keep going on, but . . . .

Why Am I Writing About SHIP?

The reason I am writing about SHIP is I’ve had many of you encourage me to let my readers know the real reason I have this blog & this website.

And to let you know that any books or curriculum you buy from HowToHomeschoolMyChild.com support a mighty work in El Salvador.  As I mentioned earlier, ALL the profits from our WriteShop, IEW, TruthQuest, Mystery of History sales (and any other sales we have) go to the work in El Salvador. In other words, every time you place an order, you are supporting SHIP

How is your money being used to support SHIP?

  • Buys educational supplies
  • Pays for tutoring for the 23 neighborhood kids we send to a private, Christian school
  • Supports 25 kids who live in the orphanage
  • Buys building supplies so we can “remodel” their homes & build relationships to share the Gospel
  • Pays workers to build a new building to house the classroom & SHIP shop
  • Pays for meals for the entire neighborhood, after we have an outreach & share the Gospel
  • Pays for tuition, uniforms, lunches for 23 neighborhood kids

Most of all, the money spent at SHIP in El Salvador is used to build relationships in the orphanage & in the surrounding neighborhood so we can share the good news Jesus Christ.

We’ve watched families break down and cry after we give them four walls and a roof that no longer leaks.  Through these relationships, we are able to share Jesus Christ work on the cross.

Why I blog ...why do you blog or use social media

We’ve seen moms confess Christ as their Savior and be baptized.

Why I blog ... why do you blog or use social media?

We’ve watched 10 young ladies celebrate their “quinceanara” (this past summer) and make a public commitment to follow God & remain pure until marriage.

Why I blog ...why do you blog or use social media

We’ve watched single moms start their own micro-business to support their family, instead of other means to make money.

Why I blog ... why do you blog or use social media?

We’ve watched the men working on our new building come to Men’s Bible Study after work.


We’ve watched kids memorize Bible verses and recite them to our SHIP trippers. God’s Word never returns void!

Why I blog .... why do you blog or use social media?We’ve watched long distance relationships (through facebook, email & Skype) grow between SHIP trippers in the US and teenagers in El Salvador.

SONY DSCWe’ve watched young women in El Salvador discover that women in the US struggle with the same problems they do (sexual abuse). We talked about God’s peace & strength being your only hope. We talked about forgiveness through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Why I blog ...why do you blog or do social media?

I hope this helps you better understand who I am and what this website is all about. If you need books for your homeschool or your family, I hope you will consider getting them from our website and support SHIP in El Salvador.  All my profits go to SHIP!

If you want to know more about Shelter the Homeless International Project or make a direct donation, you can go here:  ShipInternational.org

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