When Do You Read Aloud?

It took me a few years to find the best time for our family to read aloud. When I first started homeschooling, I read to the kids while they finished lunch. The only problem is…I would fall asleep reading. Really! I often asked one of my girls to finish reading aloud.

Read Aloud - mom sleepsI had to make a change.

Falling asleep while you read does not set a good example of the importance of reading.

I prayed about this and analyzed my homeschool schedule. I finally decided to start our day reading aloud.

You could hear the whines from anywhere in our home.

“We won’t finish our math”
“I have schoolwork to do, Mom”

It may have taken most of a year to get my kids on board, but they eventually enjoyed our new schedule.

Why start my day with Reading Aloud?

As I pondered my schedule for the following year, I realized whatever is most important to us, we do first. We had family devotions during breakfast, so I wanted to continue with what was important to me – reading classics.

If we started our day with read aloud time, I knew we would get it done. When I waited until the afternoon, we sometimes skipped reading aloud – crowded out from our other activities.

Read Aloud Teens

For the next 8-9 years, we read aloud each morning after breakfast. If you do the math, you’ll know that we read aloud even when our kids were teenagers.

Don’t stop reading aloud when your kids can read by themselves.

Keep reading to them. Teens need read aloud time, too!

When do you read aloud to your kids? (Please leave a comment)

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