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What's in the Bible - Jesus is the Good News

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How can you teach the Bible to your kids . . . so it has an IMPACT & they remember?  With Easter around the corner, now’s the perfect time to look for good Bible resources to use with your family.

I was excited to be asked to review of What’s in the Bible Volume 10 & share what I’ve observed:


Resources to teach your kids more about the Bible are dull.  At least those that teach theology & history.  They are written to adults, in an academic way.

Another problem I see with Bible resources is they have too much fluff.  All they do is teach that God is love over and over and over. Yes, God is love, but He is so much more. There’s nothing deep in most Bible resources.

When I was the Children’s Director at our church, I saw so much Sunday School curricula that was worthless. Either it taught nothing or it was flat wrong. Some Sunday School & VBS curricula today teaches things that are NOT in the Bible.

If our relationship with God is most important in our own life, we should be teaching our children about God from a very young age.

But, how?

What resources can you use to teach kids theological truths and keep it interesting for them?


What's in the Bible - Jesus is the Good News Vol. 10Buck Denver & What’s In The Bible? breaks through the dull & fluff barrier!

I just finished watching the first episode on the new Volume 10 of What’s In The Bible? And, I was impressed for several reasons. First, let me share a few ideas your children (& you) will learn in the first of 2 episodes of Volume 10: Jesus is the Good News! (Matthew, Mark, Luke & John)

  • Overview of God’s plan in the Old Testament
  • How Jesus arrives at the perfect time
  • Why God waited 400 years between the Old & New Testament
  • Clear presentation of the Gospel
  • Short history lesson about Greeks & Romans (Homeschoolers will  love this)
  • Easy to understand explanation of the different Jewish groups
  • Very simple explanation of sin – Kids will even comprehend
  • Differences between promises in the Old & New Testament

That’s just the first 25-minute video. In the second video your family will learn about Jesus, His life & ministry, as well as how he died for us, rose again to launch the kingdom of God.

Just in time for Easter & Resurrection Day!

WHY I LIKE What’s In The Bible? Volume 10: Jesus is the Good News! (Matthew, Mark, Luke & John)

One thing for sure, this DVD has more content & information than most Sunday School programs have all year long.  When your family watches it over & over again, your kids will have a firm foundation of the time between the Old & New Testament, as well as the life & ministry of Christ.

Another reason I like Volume 10 right now is Easter is right around the corner. What a better time to teach our kids more about Jesus, His death & resurrection.

If you want to see for yourself, watch this video:

Heidi has this to say about Volume 10.

When I first showed Volume 10 to my kids, my 6 year old loved it, my 5 year old (boy) wasn’t so interested.  But, it grew on him and now he loves Buck Denver.  I would recommend this DVD to any families with kids 5 and up.
Even I learned something new!

I agree with Heidi on age levels. This video is appropriate for kids over the age of five. Here’s what other mom’s had to say:

We LOVE What’s in the Bible! We have 1-8, so I would love to win #10! My kids are 3 and 5, and both my husband and I have learned so much watching with our kids. – Deanna

We love this series at our house! Makes teaching the Bible easy and getting an overview of the books of the Bible. I love it that my kids will know more about the Bible at a young age than I ever did!!! – Roseanne

I plan on using the DVD as part of our daily Bible time… Seems like when we have “multiple” ways of getting the Word in..such as reading, watching something, DOING something, it “sticks” better! -Hillary

 9 Reasons Why I Like What’s In The Bible? Volume 10: Jesus is the Good News! (Matthew, Mark, Luke & John)

  • Everyone in your family will learn something new – Even Dad & Mom will learn from Buck Denver.  My VA took the video home to show it to her kids. She came back saying, “I learned why God waited 400 years.”
  • Repetition – Much repetition in the video so your kids will get it.
  • Both adults & kids like Buck Denver – Buck Denver has a dry sense of humor that adults will appreciate and kids will love.
  • Fun & Easy to Use – Pop in the dvd and watch!
  • No Preparation for Mom – Family Discussion Guide included with 5 discussion starters for your family.
  • Catchy Songs your kids will continue to sing
  • Video Download after Purchase – Put the video on your ipad or computer to take in the car or on a trip.
  • Free Shipping on Orders over $25
  • Bonus Items on DVD:
    • Outtakes – Yep, they have outtakes on this dvd
    • Michael’s Deleted Scene
    • A Pirate’s Guide to Church History


If you buy the DVD with the link below, I’ll email you 17 coloring pages. You can download any or all of them for your kids to color.

I’ll also email you links to What’s in the Bible activities – crafts, crossword puzzles, word searches & popsicle stick theaters.

Please email me immediately after you place your order and we (Heidi or I) will send you these bonus items. 



I wish I had this DVD when my kids were growing up. We would’ve all learned so much together as a family. I suggest you grab a copy for yourself.  If you can afford it, go ahead and get all 10 volumes.  Use our discount code to save 20% on Volumes 1-10.

Code:  BUNDLE10 (good through 4/1/13)


I’m already planning to be a grandparent (just ask my kids). I plan to give each of my kids a set of these DVDs.  It’s so important to give my grandchildren a firm foundation of what’s really in the Bible – without skipping difficult topics.  If you’re a grandparent, please consider giving a gift that will be of profit to your kids.

If you can afford it, go ahead and get all 10 volumes.  Use our discount code to save 20% on Volumes 1-10.

BUNDLE10 (good through 4/1/13)

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