What’s in the Bible – Part 2 of My Review

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If you haven’t seen my review of the first part of What’s in the Bible: Jesus is the Good News, you can read it here.

What's in the Bible - Jesus is the Good News Vol. 10I had a chance to watch the second episode of volume 10.  Pretty cool!  I love the way they integrate songs, stories and narration in the video.  You’ll have fun watching & learning, without realizing it.

Although it tells the story of Jesus’ life & ministry, it goes much deeper.  The overall theme of the video is God’s Kingdom, Jesus being the king who sets up his kingdom.  Other concepts they share:

  • Jesus’ miracles & their impact
  • Passover in the Old Testament & New Testament
  • Last Supper
  • 3 things Jesus taught us while He was on earth & how they affect mankind
  • 3 concepts about sin (past, present, future)
  • and much more

If you’ve never watched Buck Denver on What’s in the Bible?, you should watch him this Easter season.  Go ahead & get a copy of Volume 10 (Jesus is the Good News) before Easter.  You’ll be amazed at what your kids learn.
What's In The Bible

One More Reason I Like What's in the Bible

In closing, I think one of the biggest reasons you should get Volume 10 is how easily it will help prepare your family’s heart for Easter.

What else are you doing to prepare your heart as you celebrate the most important day of the year?  The day Jesus overcame death after taking the penalty for our sins.

Click on either image below to grab your copy
easter: whats in the bible - Jesus is the good news


If you decide to get all 10 volumes of What’s in the Bible? you can save 30% with code: SAVE30

ps. We’ll send you 17 coloring pages to go with your video. Just email & let us know you placed an order.

pps. I almost forgot…You can get even get FREE Shipping if you order $25 or more.

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  1. I’ve always wanted to see one of these. We just can’t afford to purchase it right now. I think my girls (1.5,7,8,&10) would love it. Thanks for sharing your review!

  2. We just watched Vol. 7 last night, and I was so interested to see how they presented all of the kings of Israel and the dividing of the kingdom of Israel. It was entertaining! I rewound and watched part of it because I want to remember some of the incidents that are hard to remember because the names are so difficult and similar to each other. These DVD’s are awesome. My kids requested it when I offered to fix popcorn and watch a movie with them.

  3. My family would love to see this dvd series! My hubby and girls are video watchers; I love the learning behind this “family time.” Great offering; thank you!!!

  4. Our family has two “What’s In The Bible” DVDS, one on Christmas and the other on creation. The kids really enjoyed the website Jelly Telly also. I would not want to miss out on winning another DVD that would benefit my children from the Bible!:)

  5. This sounds wonderful! Thank you for sharing about this resource. I’d love to enter your contest with a chance to win one. Thanks again for being a Titus 2 for me from a far. 🙂

  6. This looks amazing! Thank you for your review! We are grandparents, and this looks like a wonderful thing for us to have here in our home for our grandkids to watch!

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