What is Conveyor Belt Education according to A Thomas Jefferson Education ?

You might wonder what I mean by conveyor belt education since I mention it on my book, Raising Leaders, Not Followers. The term conveyor belt education is mentioned in A Thomas Jefferson Education & Underground History of American Education.

a thomas jefferson education - conveyor belt

Why homeschoolers should understand conveyor belt education?

Let me paint a picture of conveyor belt education as provided by public schools today.

A product (or child) is placed on the conveyor belt so it can pass through 12 stations. At each station the product is fitted with the same parts (curriculum) as all other products riding down the conveyor belt of government school.

The product continues down the conveyor belt.

What happens if the product gets ahead?

A factory worker pulls them back to the station they belong.

What happens if they get behind?

A “special” worker helps them catch up.

After completing 12 stations, the product receives a stamp of completion (diploma) and is ready to sell to the job market.

What do you think?
Do you want your kids to have a conveyor belt education?

John T. Gatto, New York State Teacher of the Year, calls the government schools a factory. This goes right along with the conveyor belt motif. Gatto knows what he is talking about since he was “the” star teacher of New York for two different years.

Gatto researched the history of the government schools and outlines his findings in Underground History of American Education. It appears to be a long book, but once you start you will be amazed at the founders of our schools.

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ps. If you want to be sure your child does not receive a conveyor belt education, check out this website: http://Raising-Leaders.com

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