What are You Thankful For {Give Thanks at the Table}

What are you thankful for? Try these ways to give thanks around your table on Thanksgiving Day

I know this is last minute and you’re probably trying to get out the door to go to grandma’s or wherever you’re going for Thanksgiving.  As you head out to celebrate Thanksgiving tomorrow, take a few minutes to consider, “what are you thankful for?”

When I was growing up, my dad had us go around the table and and answer the question, “What are you thankful for”. The past few years, we’ve put a twist on this activity. If you’ve never shared what you are thankful for around the Thanksgiving table, here are some fun ways to do so.

All of these ideas are super-simple to do tomorrow morning. You should have all the supplies at home right now. No shopping necessary.

How to make a thankful turkey from a pinecone - Our family loved this Thanksgiving Family Traditions from HowToHomeschoolMyChild.comGrandma’s Pinecone Turkey

One of my favorite twists was writing down our thanks on a colored feather & inserting it into a turkey pinecone. We each took turns pulling out a feather and reading it to our family. Then, we guessed who wrote that thanks. It was so much fun. My kids now refer to it as “Grandma’s Pinecone Turkey.” The turkey pinecone made a super cute Thanksgiving DIY table decoration.

It’s easy to do:

  1. Cut out strips of colored paper (we used fall colors).
  2. Have everyone write down something they are thankful for.
  3. Insert them into the backend of a pinecone.
  4. When my mother did this, she also cut out a turkey face/body and wrote “We thank God for..” on the front.

To be honest, I thought this was the corniest idea my mom had come up with. In the end, it was a huge success and we had a fun time guessing who wrote what.

What are you thankful for? Try these ways to give thanks around your table on Thanksgiving Day

Thankful Rolls

One year, we wrote our thanks on a slip of paper and inserted into the middle of our rolls, before they were baked.   When you are eating your roll, pull out and read to group.  Let everyone guess who wrote it.

I thought this would be cool way to share our thanks. Unfortunately, our papers were bit damp.  If I did this again, I would use the rolls that are already cooked and just need heating.

Bible Verses

Last year, we shared a Bible verse that meant something to us throughout the year. Each person wrote their verse on an index card and read it aloud. Then, we told why the verse was meaningful to us.  It was very insightful to see the variety of verses God used in our lives.

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 Question: How will your family share their answers to the question, what are you thankful for? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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