What is Memorial Day {Activities for Kids}

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I’ve included some links below to help your family discover & learn what is Memorial Day.

You might also choose an event (like Iwo Jima, pic below) to research.  Learn what happened and how that event impacted our freedom.  See how that ties into our celebration of Memorial Day.

Meaning of Memorial Day - Iwo Jima

Memorial Day History

How To Mail Our Troops – connecting kids & soldiers

Memorial Day Internet Treasure Hunt – and other resources

Teaching Good Citizenship’s Five Themes

Memorial Day Printables & Crafts

Video of Soldiers Telling Why They’re a Believer – also includes clips of song, “Believers”.

Full video of this great song, Believers – love this song!

I want to conclude by sharing a powerful music video about soldiers who come home after sacrificing themselves for our freedom.  Yeah, it’s country music and has double meanings, but I cry every time I watch this video.

what is Memorial Day

How will you celebrate Memorial Day?  What will your family do to “remember”?

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