What Should I Use? … Aleve or Peppermint Oil ?

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As you may know, last week I hosted a workshop with Dr. Minke about the use of essential oils in your family.  Last night it was time to put what I learned into practice.

My shoulders ached when I got in bed.  I was so tired, I didn’t want to get up and put on peppermint oil.  I tossed & turned until I finally fell asleep.

At midnight I awoke with great pain in my left shoulder.  I knew I had to do something or I’d never fall asleep again. It hurt too much.

aleveI had 2 options:

In the past, I would have eaten a cracker, taken 2 Aleve & drank some water. It would have been awhile before I finally fell asleep. Probably another hour.

young living peppermint essential oilBut now I had a different choice and used peppermint oil.  I rubbed it all over my shoulder, applied a warm, wet compress and topped it with a plastic bag. Hey, I didn’t want to soak the sheets with my wet compress.

Within minutes the pain was gone. Literally. Minutes.

And I fell asleep almost immediately.  I slept until 6:30am, which is unusual for me.  I often wake up and read until I fall asleep again. I have now added to my uses for peppermint oil – helping me sleep well.

I feel refreshed and my shoulder doesn’t hurt.  I’ve been using peppermint oil with wet compresses about 4 months. You’d think I wouldn’t be so surprised, but I was amazed this time at how quickly the pain disappeared.

Question: How do you handle pain in the middle of the night?  You can leave a comment by clicking here.

If you need to get some peppermint oil, Young Living is the only one I recommend.

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  1. I use Thermal Aid hot/cold compresses. They are the best I’ve found for heat and cold pain relief and sound like they would be great to use alongside your peppermint oil. I’ll have to think about that next time my back is achy.

    1. Ashley,
      Thanks for sharing. I have some compresses we keep in the freezer. Before I found Young Living peppermint oil, I used those compresses daily. They helped with swelling of muscles, that’s for sure.

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