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 The Complete Dolphin Unit Study enhances your printable Dolphin Activity Set to help you encourage a love of learning with your kids. 

 … you’ll get videos, books, snacks, crafts and more activities for a mere $3. 

 You read that right, it’s normally $15, but you pay only $3. You’ll get everything you need to make a complete unit study of dolphins. Lots of fun books & hands-on activities, including shark dolphins. 

 In addition to the Dolphins Activity Guide, you’ll receive fun activities to encourage your kids to LOVE learning. 

How about these type activities?

  •  Food activities – YUM-O!
  •  Edible learning 
  •  Crafts – Hands-on activities to reinforce what you’re learning
  •  Videos – Watch dolphins, even when you can visit the beach this summer
  •  Books & Activity Ideas – More hands-on learning
  • and more 

 This unit study normally sells for $15. To help you overcome the struggle to get your kids to like homeschooling, I created our Dolphins Unit Study. Our Unit Studies encourage your kids to learn more about Oceans with fun books, videos, crafts and snacks. 

 No multiple choice tests. 
 No textbooks. 

 Only real books. 
 Real living books. 

 Kids love animals. 
 Kids love the beach. 

 Let’s use animals & the beach together to inspire a love of learning & have FUN.

If your kids complain about learning or homeschooling, this is for you. Even if your kids don’t complain, they will have fun learning with our brand, new Dolphin Unit Study, complete with books, fun activities, snacks and printables for your kids to enjoy learning. 

Why did I create the Dolphin Unit Study?

 I know you’re busy and you don’t have the 3 hours & 40 minutes that I spent researching and creating a fun learning experience in our Dolphins Unit Study. 

 Do you really have that much free time to create your own resources? 

 Why not grab this fun learning resource today, since it’s on sale for only $3

 There is so much in this FUN unit study that will save you time creating a unit on your own. I can’t believe I’m reducing it so much. 3

How much will it cost to get started with the Dolphins Complete Unit Study?

 This Dolphins Unit Study sells for $15. But, we’re offering it for a mere $3…to inspire a love of learning about marine biology. I can’t believe I’m reducing it so much. 

 I know how stretched you are financially and timewise, as a homeschool mom. So, I want to make this a no-brainer. Seriously, I’m taking on all the risk! Try this today. I can’t wait to hear how your kids start to enjoy learning. 

 It’s time to start having FUN in your homeschool. Just because your kids are having fun, doesn’t mean they aren’t learning. I know, double negative. But you get the point. 

  •  You’ll find crafts for your creative kids.
  • You’ll find Science activities for your “figure-it-out” kids
  •  You’ll find living books for your “book-loving” kids. 

 Something for everyone to learn.