Ultimate Blog Party 2013

how to simplify your homeschool

Ultimate Blog Party 2013
Last year I had so much fun at the Ultimate Blog Party that I knew I would join this year.  I look forward to meeting you & reading your blog.

Well, it’s time to party this week!

Will you join me? I’m ready to party and you can join in on the fun right here.

starbucks cardTo start off our party, I have a few party favors.

First of all, I’m giving away a $10 gift card to Starbucks or Barnes & Noble. If you win, it’s your choice which gift card you get. To enter, just leave a comment below. Feel free to leave a link to your UBP blog post so we can all visit it.

Bonus entries are also listed below.

In addition to the gift card, I have party favors for everyone who stops by. Each of our favorite posts below include free homeschool & family activity guides. Visit any of these posts & you can get our free guides.

Oreo Moon Phases

Oreo Phases of the Moon – Free Astronomy Activity Guide

St Patricks Day Activities - Lucky Charms Graph

Lucky Charms Graph – Free St. Patrick’s Day Activity Guide (POPULAR on pinterest)

Bean Plant Experiment for Kids

Bean Plant Experiment for Kids – Free Spring Science & Math Activities

How to Make a 3D Cell Model with Jello

Summer Fun – How to Make a 3D Cell Model with Jello – Free Guide to Edible Cell Models

So, who is Kerry Beck?

becks easter 2013
Having a little fun on Easter.
Steve bought a gorilla suit & decided to crash our photo shoot!

becks easter 2013

– believer of Jesus Christ
– wife to Steve Beck for 28 wonderful years
– mom to Ashley, Gentry & Hunter
– mom-in-law to Jesse (Ashley’s hubby)
– loves to share fun homeschool activities
speaker & writer
– reviews homeschool curriculum (via videos or blog posts)
– passion to encourage young moms
– reviews products that are helpful to moms of all age kids
– enjoys cooking & sharing recipes
– just learned to scrapbook digitally (yep, I converted from paper)
– sews, paints, quilts, crafts, gardening

 What about this blog?

Grab a cup of coffee. Pull up a chair. Turn off your phone. Make yourself at home!

“How to Homeschool My Child” is for YOU…homeschool moms who need a little encouragement, who want to “see” their curriculum before they buy, or who might be a little (or a lot) tired.

If you have homeschool resources that you would like reviewed, feel free to contact me. Or, if you need a speaker for a homeschool or business/marketing event, let me know. I’ll see if my expertise is a good fit for your audience.

How to Homeschool My ChildBefore you start looking around, go ahead and grab a copy of our recent book, Everything You Want To Know About Homeschooling. It’s completely FREE. You can grab it by clicking here.

Now, let’s get back to the party!

ps. Thanks for stopping by. Be sure to enter our giveaway for the $10 gift card!

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how to simplify your homeschool
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  1. Just stopping by from the UBP…

    I’ve seen that Oreo cookie activity around on different blogs and I know it’s something my boys would enjoy doing. I’ll have to add Oreos to my shopping list. 🙂

    1. Thanks for hopping over here. My kids loved doing the Oreo Moon Phases activity at a science day when they were in school. It was one of my first activities to share on my blog last year. Have fun!

    1. Glad you stopped by. I’ll be hopping to your blog & others later this afternoon. Can’t wait to see your blog and see how we are similar.

    1. Glad you found us too. I’m excited to check out some of the blogs, including yours, tonight. Now I have to finish an ezine & checking email…ugh! Would rather be blog hopping. Thanks for stopping by. Talk soon.

      Pls let me know if there are any topics you’d like us to cover.

  2. Popping in from the blog party! I have followed and admired your site for some time now. Love your ‘Everything You Want To Know About Homeschooling’ book 🙂

  3. Kerry! I just realized how I “know” you! We follow each other on Twitter, and maybe Facebook too I think (?) AND I think I found you last year through the UBP. 🙂 So anyway, I’m Dawn, 15 year homeschool mom and I think you already know who I am. Maybe.? LOL Anyway I’m dropping by from the UBP!

    1. Thanks for stopping by. I thought you might come to the #hsbloggers chat on Tuesday afternoons…or I did meet you at UBP last yr.

  4. Stopping by from the UBP! I’m your newest follower on FB and twitter- We’re homeschoolers too and I love to hear how other people “do school”
    Have a great day!

  5. Wow! Gifts and party favors! I’m glad I stopped by this site on the UBP hop! I look forward to checking out your oreo phases of the moon– what a fun way to learn! Thanks for stopping by ready-set-read. Good to connect.

    1. You’re so welcome… It is good to connect, too. My kids loved the Oreo Phases of the Moon project, too

  6. Even though I’m already a fan of your site (and you!), I learned a few new things from this Ultimate Blog Party post…I have pinned the plant experiment as one of my sons has been asking to do something similar and this will make things so much easier for me! Love the gorilla mask pictures!

    1. I’ll tell my husband I got a comment about the gorilla mask. He’s at a chili cook-off this weekend and using the gorilla suit for the showmanship award. He’ll be playing his guitar in the gorilla suit. I hope it doesn’t get too hot in west Texas. Thanks for stopping by and your sons will love the plant experiment. It’s so EASY

  7. Hi Kerry,

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I have enjoyed your and Steve’s teaching for a long time.

    I have just started learning digital scrapbooking too! I haven’t fully converted from paper (I just love all things paper too much), but it’s so fun!

    I would love to talk to you about working with me on a project I have going. I’ll drop you an email!

    @Pink Paper Peppermints

    1. I know what you mean about moving from paper to digital scrapbooking. Paper & fabric are two things I like to “feel”. Paper is definitely fun, but digital allows me to make multiple copies & pass them out to my kids. I look forward to your email

    1. Thanks for stopping by from UBP. If you come across a question as a new homeschooler, let me know. I’d love to answer it in a post.

  8. Stopping by from UBP13 to check out your blog. I am loving your site!!! perfect timing for you to come my way. We have been doing preschool work for sometime now and have just decided to commit to homeschool. I can’t wait to check out all the wonderful information you have to offer such a newbie as myself. Ashley @ Papertothread

    1. Thanks for your encouraging words. Let me know if there is a topic you’d like us to cover or questions we can answer.

  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog on UBP! I thought I would check out your Oreo Phases of the Moon and… well, my son would LOVE that (so would I because I love oreos, esp the double stuffed!). You have a new member, I can’t wait to read more!

    1. Carrie,
      I wanted you to know that the yellow boots on your linky attracted me to your blog. Love those boots!

  10. Hopping by from #UBP13. You blog is a great resource. Added you to my Feedly and pinterest. I am not a homeschooler but I love to do activities with my kids. Will definitely be visiting you a lot.

  11. Hi there – I am visiting from the UBP13 🙂 Glad to have found your blog; I really like your writing style and can’t wait to poke around some more – especially since we are just starting our homeschooling journey 🙂

    – Jennah

  12. Thanks for stopping by my blog via the UBP! I look forward to perusing your blog some more – I plan to do some astronomy with my older two kids as it gets nicer out, and I know they’d love the Oreo/moon activity!

  13. Hi, I found you through UBP13. I’m kind of a newb to blogging, but I’m loving it so far. I’m an educator, former foster parent (for kids with emotional, physical, and mental disabilities) and adoptive dad of two kiddos with special needs. It’s been great reaching out, talking to, and hopefully helping other families! My whole blog is all about learning to learn and helping families succeed using brain-based practices. Come check it out. I think you will like it!

    1. Angel,
      thanks for stopping by. I’ll be taking a look at your site to see what I can share with my readers

  14. Stopping by (late) from the UBP13. Thought I would say Hi and will follow-we homeschool too. 🙂 We’ve done your Star of Bethlehem study too. 🙂

    1. Thanks for stopping by. So cool that you did the Star study. Pls let me know how I can help you or what topics we can address

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