Sunday in El Salvador with 3 Precious Girls

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As some of you already know, I spent last week in El Salvador with a team from Ohio & Indiana.  We’ve had an awesome time so far & I’d like to share some stories over the next several days.

On Sunday, we brought home three precious girls & their mamas to eat lunch.  Last summer, Steve & Hunter helped “remodel” their home. {Yep…that’s the girls’ home}

Remodeling homes in El Salvador - Thanks to {Family Mission Trips &}

Since that time, I’ve been praying for this family because I’m concerned about what might be going on in the home.  Others at Shelter the Homeless {SHIP} agree.

Out for a Sunday Drive - El Salvadoran style - thanks to

Right outside our gate, we let the youngest girl “drive” home.  Just out for a Sunday afternoon drive!

SHIP helps 3 precious girls - Shelter the Homeless International Project

We stopped at Pollo Compero for fried chicken.  I wonder if they’ve ever eaten fried chicken before. They didn’t really know how to eat it, but they sure enjoyed it, along with some pineapple and mango. They poured ketchup on the chicken AND the fruit.  Unusual!

Not only did they get fried chicken, they each got a Pollo Compero crown…cool!

SHIP helps 3 girls - our family mission trip with Shelter the Homeless International Project

After lunch we took the girls to the SHIP Shop (the resale shop in our El Salvadoran building).  We found new outfits for each of them and threw their dirty clothes into the washing machine.

How would your kids feel if they only had one outfit and they wore it until they couldn’t wear it any more?

That’s how these people live. And they need Jesus, just like you & me.

Clean clothes & their first shower thanks to - Family Mission trips &

Not only did they need clean clothes, they needed a clean body. So, Maria gave the girls a shower, probably their first shower EVER. Maria got a shower, as well.

As soon as she started shampooing one girl’s hair, another would grab the bottle and start doing her hair, again. They they started playing in the water, as if they were in a boat.

Wow! It sure “is” the little things that are truly important.  Including showers.

SHIP gives 2 mamas new outfits - Family Mission Trip from Shelter the Homeless International Projects &

We also found new outfits for the mamas and let them take a shower on their own.

It took awhile to brush their hair, with all the tangles. I wonder how often they brush their hair.  They put on their new clothes & new shoes to enjoy coffee & cake.  Yes, even the young girls (ages 4-8) wanted coffee with lots of leche (milk) & azugar (sugar).  My guess is coffee is one of the few drinks they have.

Happy girls & Happy mamas with their new oufits & shoes - Thanks to Shelter the Homeless International Projects {Family Mission Trips &}

After their snack, we drove them home.  By this time, they actually had smiles on their faces!  They even asked when they could come back.

No one has ever loved these precious girls this way.  May they truly see it is God who loves them more than anything or anyone.

If you’ve read this far, would you take one minute to pray for this family.  I don’t know what goes on at home, but I know they need God’s love & salvation.  Please pray for discernment on where they might live safely.

Thank you!


.Question: Ask your kids what it would be like to have one outfit & wear until it wears out. Share what they say by leaving a comment by clicking here.

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