Teaching Writing Structure & Style – Student Writing Intensive Value Package

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Save $29 when you grab the IEW Value Package

Thanks so much for your interest in one of the BEST writing program I’ve ever used as a homeschool mom or public school teacher. (Yes, I taught public school in my other life 🙂

Even though I’m unable to discount IEW (due to IEW’s reseller agreement), I can help you save money in two ways.

First, all IEW orders receive FREE shipping.

Next, I can package together the two top IEW programs in order to save you $29. Take a look below to see if the Value Package is a good fit for your family.

Teaching Writing Structure & Style  is the resource that moms & teachers use to learn how to teach writing better. Student Writing Intensive teaches students how to improve their writing. You’re in luck because the Value Package includes both programs and covers all the bases for teachers & students.

If you don’t have a copy of Teaching Writing for moms & teachers, I highly recommend it. You will use this resource all your teaching days!

What I like about Teaching Writing Structure & Style  . . .

Pop the DVDs into your TV and learn how to help your kids. All lessons are from Andrew Pudewa, founder of IEW. Believe me, Andrew is worth watching. Here’s what one homeschool mom had to say about Teaching Writing DVDs.

Andrew Pudewa, the speaker is witty and shares his own stories about teaching violin and writing (with his children) and draws you in. The videos are not meant to be watched all at one time, but over time, as you implement more of the techniques you learn from this series.

Now, I’m sure you’re like me…you don’t have time to sit and watch videos (Unless your children are watching a movie with you, etc)…. So, I pulled my binder together and read the schedule they identify very well for you. The binder is part of the package and it provides you with good documentation based off of the videos….great tools for later when you are with your children and can’t pull up the video to see what Mr. Pudewa states…..and I began IRONING!

Yes, I iron…(no, I don’t like to….honestly, but it’s a necessity) and I ironed…without even caring because I enjoyed the videos so much! (Who enjoys a seminar about teaching writing, while ironing…I’m sure some do…and to those…wow, I want to be like you…and I guess, now that I have IEW…I can be!)

I then, pulled together my children’s binder and we all sat in front of our computer and watched their video series, based on the recommendations in their binder. They sat, laughed and smile while we learned from Mr. Pudewa, as he taught in a class room in front of other children.

It was so interesting to watch him pull in math, science and other topics while teaching writing. It was like stepping into a beautiful unit lesson where all topics were discussed…and my children walked away from one video understanding 1/4….or .25 in a way they never had before.

To read Rebecca’s complete review of Teaching Writing & Student Writing Intensive, click here

All you have to do is learn the teaching concepts in Teaching Writing and guide your kids in their assignments.

Plug & Play writing program teaches your kids how to write wellWhat I like about Student Writing Intensive is …

…it is a Plug & Play program.

Pop the DVDs into your TV and let your kids learn from Andrew Pudewa, founder of IEW.  All you  have to do is learn the teaching concepts in TWSS and guide your kids in their assignments.

Combining Teaching Writing and Student Writing Intensive is the absolute best way to teach writing, IEW style.

Writing was always the most difficult part of our homeschooling. Always tears of frustration from my kids aged 12, 10, and 7. I am so glad one of my friends introduced me to IEW. We are now using the Student Writing Intensive DVDs and there are no more tears. My kids will now happily take notes, write a rough draft, polish it with my help and make their final copy.  – Tracey

What’s Best for Your Family?

To choose your student’s appropriate grade level use this chart:

IEW Teaching Writing Structure & Style Charts and Student Writing Intensive Combo PackageFor more information on each specific level use the links below:

Student Writing Intensive Level A
Student Writing Intensive Level B
Student Writing Intensive Level C

IEW Value Package saves you $29IEW Value Package comes with the following items and saves you $29!
Bought individually $298
Value Package $249

For Moms & Teachers: Teaching Writing Structure and Style (retail $189)

  • Teaching Writing Seminar on 9 DVDs
  • Teaching Writing Notebook
  • 3 Student Writing Workshop 1 DVDs (A, B, C)
  • Teaching Writing “Tips & Tricks” DVD
  • How to Teach Writing Mini Course (through email)

For Students: Student Writing Intensive (retail $109)

  • Student Writing Intensive Notebook
  • Student Writing Intensive – 4 DVDs
  • Student Writing Intensive packet
  • Structure & Style Overview DVD
  • Stylistic Charts & Helps inside the manual

We do not know when we will receive new books from IEW.







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