Turkey, Turkey, Turkey… {30 Days of Thanksgiving Activities for Kids – Day 26}

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Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you and your family are having a relaxing holiday including…

Turkey, with all the trimmings . . . Turkey Facts. . .

thanksgiving facts - 30 days of thanks - wild_turkey

250 million . . .

That’s the estimated number of turkeys raised in the US the past 2 years.  They weighed about 7.9 billion pounds, with an estimated value of $4.5 billion., according to the US Census Bureau.

3 . . .

Three places in the US named after turkeys.

Turkey, Texas – 456 residents Turkey Creek, Louisiana – 361 residents Turkey, NC – 272 residents

109 . . .

Turkey consumption has increased 109 percent in the past 40 years because of the health benefits have been recognized.

Political Turkeys

Not just the common man eats turkey…turkeys are also eaten in the White House.  In 1947 the National Turkey Federation presented the President with a live turkey & 2 dressed turkeys for Thanksgiving.  After the ceremony, the live turkey travels to Disneyland to live permanently.


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