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Thanksgiving Science Activities

Thanksgiving is almost here so take a break from your traditional academics and try some fun Thanksgiving science activities.  Most homeschools center on history and writing, but we’re going to have fun in science today.

To start, I’ll share my own Thanksgiving science activity called M&M Pumpkins.  When I was visiting my grandkids a month ago, we tried creating a pumpkin from M&M candies. On this Mom’s Monday Lunch Bunch video, I show many fun fall activities, but the pumpkin activity starts around 11:30. Be sure to watch til the end because I explain why this works, what the chemical reaction is in this Thanksgiving science experiment.

If you move back to 10:50 on the above video, I show you another fun science activity for kids called Pumpkin Bubbles. Super easy and lots of fun for kids.

thanksgiving science activities, pumpkin bubbles, m&m pumpkin

Along the same lines as the M&M pumpkin, is the M&M rainbow we made together. I love the colors and the way they form a rainbow on the plate. Take a look:

Here are 3 more Thanksgiving science activities from other bloggers. Have fun!
thanksgiving science with candy corn catapults

Do you have candy corn leftover from Halloween? Or did you buy candy corn on sale after Halloween…like me?

Your kids will love their Thanksgiving science activities when you build candy corn catapults. If you’re unsure how to build the catapults, Frugal Fun 4 Boys offers directions to four different catapults…all using items around your home.

thanksgiving science activities for kids, pumpkin volcano

We made many volcanoes when the kids were growing up, but never one in a pumpkin. I might try this with my granddaughters next week.  Little Bins for Little Hands shows you exactly how to create an overflowing pumpkin volcano.  You’ll get all the science behind this Thanksgiving science experiment also.

thanksgiving science activities

Little Bins for Little Hands has a Thanksgiving science activity that all ages will enjoy. Make your corn dance. Your kids will learn about chemical reactions and have fun in the process.

What Thanksgiving science experiments will you do? If you have others, please leave a comment to share with my readers.

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What Thanksgiving science activities will your family do? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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