4 Fun Ways to Share Thanks at the Table {30 Days of Thanksgiving Activities for Kids }

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When I grew up, we took turns sharing what we were thankful for . . . before we at the meal sitting in front of us.  Oh man, it was sometimes hard to concentrate when you were young & hungry.

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Sharing Thanks Idea #1:
what is thanksgiving - how to give thanksLast year, my mom did something different that was fun for all ages.  She cut out feathers from colored construction paper.  Each person wrote something they were thankful for and inserted it into a turkey pinecone.

“After” we ate, we passed around the turkey, each reading one feather out loud.  The entire group had to guess who wrote it.  Some were obvious; some were not.

Thanksgiving Activities for Kids

Here are 3 more ways your family can have fun sharing things they are thankful. . . fun thanksgiving decorations for your table!

thankful rolls

Thankful Rolls

I’m lobbying for these this year.  On a slip of paper, write down what you are thankful for and insert into middle of rolls.  When you are eating your roll, pull out and read to group.  Let everyone guess who wrote it.

thanksgiving tree

Thanksgiving Tree

Have everyone cut out their hand from construction paper when they arrive and write what they are thankful.  Glue to tree.

runner of thanks

Runner of Thanks

Click the link above to get directions.  Looks like fun!

How will your family share their thanksgivings next week?

How will your family share their Thanksgivings next week? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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