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Thanksgiving Cookies Ideas

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When I saw these fun Thanksgiving cookies ideas, I knew I had to make them with my granddaughters. And we did. These are super-simple to make. Even preschoolers can make them.

Thanksgiving Cookies Ideas - Indian Teepee Sugar Cone Cookies

If you have young kids, you’ll need to help a little. If your kids are older, they can make them completely by themselves, as long as they have all the supplies.

Here’s what we did.

  1. I broke off the end of a sugar cone and spread chocolate icing around the bottom of the cone. We used “out of the can” store brand fudge frosting. Nothing special.
  2. The girls rolled their cone in the sprinkles of choice. We had orange sugar and multi-color sprinkles in the pantry, so that’s what we used. You could probably find fall-colored sprinkles, also.
  3. I spread frosting over broken end of the sugar cone.
  4. The girls rolled that end of the sugar cone in sprinkles, also.
  5. I dipped super-thin pretzels in the frosting and added to the broken end of the cone to make the teepee poles. This was part was too much fine motor skills for 2 and 5 year olds.


Super-cute Indian teepee Thanksgiving cookies ideas.

If I were using this in my homeschool, I would integrate these teepee sugar cone cookies with our study of Thanksgiving. A few activities might include:

  • Read Tapenum’s Day with my kids.
  • Have my kids narrate the story back to me.
  • Older kids can write their narration.
  • Younger kids can copy sections of the story.
  • Find story places on a map.
  • Make Indian teepee sugar cone cookies.
  • Eat your cookies. Yummy!

In case you’ve missed it, I also have some other Thanksgiving cookies ideas you might want to use. On the Pilgrim side of Thanksgiving, you can make these very easy Pilgrim hat cookies. All you need for these Thanksgiving crafts are mini-Reeses, chocolate covered cookie, fudge frosting.

Thanksgiving traditions & Thanksgiving crafts including these cute turkey Oreo cookies and pilgrim hat cookies

Our Thanksgiving family tradition is to make the Oreo turkey cookies every year at Thanksgiving. My grown kids were asking this week if I had ingredients for Oreo turkey cookies. Everyone loves making them, no matter how old they are.

Oreo Turkey Cookies - Still our favorite Thanksgiving Family Traditions {from}

Do you have any special Thanksgiving cookies ideas to share with other homeschool moms?

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