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When I think of Thanksgiving breakfast ideas, I remember these fun turkey cinnamon rolls we made last year. Since two of my granddaughters were not with us when we made them, I’m super-excited to make them this year.

thanksgiving breakfast ideas - turkey cinnamon rolls

If you want to relate this to the first Thanksgiving and read a book, check out last week’s post about eating your way through Thanksgiving school. I share seven food activities and many books you can use to discover & teach more about the Pilgrims’ voyage and first year in the New World.

turkey donuts

One of the Thanksgiving breakfast ideas I shared last week are Turkey Donuts. You can find the directions here.

How do you make these cute turkey cinnamon rolls?

Gather all your supplies:

  • Cinnamon rolls
  • 2 strips bacon
  • 2 candy eyes
  • 1 candy corn
  • 1 red hot

First, you need to bake your cinnamon rolls. Since I love to bake bread, I’ll be using my Angel Biscuit recipe to make the best cinnamon rolls on Wednesday night. They will rise overnight and pop them in the oven when we get up.

If you’re not a baker, no problem. You have two options.

  1. Pop out of the can cinnamon rolls – Comes with everything you need to bake cinnamon rolls, including the all-important icing, so your eyes, nose & gobble stick to the roll.
  2. Bakery cinnamon rolls – I walked to our nearby grocery store and picked up two cinnamon rolls for this fun Thanksgiving breakfast idea.

While the cinnamon rolls are baking, cook the bacon strips. You’ll need 2 strips broken in half for each turkey cinnamon roll. I cook mine in the microwave, but you might cook the bacon on the stove or in the oven.

Once the cinnamon rolls are baked, put them on each person’s plate so they can decorate their own turkey cinnamon roll. Place each bacon strip in the slit of the roll back. Add eyes, candy corn nose and red hot gobble.

Sit down and enjoy some yummy turkey cinnamon rolls. One of the best Thanksgiving breakfast ideas you’ll find.

Will you go around the table this year and share what you are thankful for? Why not use our M&M Thanksgiving Game to add fun to your thanks. Enter your name & email below and we’ll send our free printable over to you.

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