Thanksgiving Books for Kids

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Reading books that make history come alive inspires and encourages a love of learning in your kids. To make history come alive at this time of year, you must find just the right (best) Thanksgiving books for kids.

Thanksgiving books for kids

Every Thanksgiving, we pulled out a series of books that made history come alive. How so?

Each of these Thanksgiving books for kids tells a story about a young child during the Pilgrim years. As you read each book, your kids can imagine living a day during the Pilgrim times.

Not only will they imagine, they can see realistic photos of life during the first Thanksgiving, or the founding of our country. After you read each book, you’ll discover each child is based on a real person from the 1620’s.

Over the next week, read one book each day. After you read each of the Thanksgiving books for kids, let your child tell you the story they heard. Write down exactly what they say. My recommendation is to type their narration and use it for copywork the following day.

Or… read one of these realistic, historical fiction books for kids. Then, talk about what life would be like if you lived in the 1620’s.

Thanksgiving books for kids

Which Thanksgiving books for kids are our family favorites?

You’ll increase your child’s desire to love learning more about the first Thanksgiving. About Pilgrims. About Indians. About the trip on the Mayflower.

To inspire a love of learning even more, try one of these fun Thanksgiving activities for kids.

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