Thankful Craft with Name Building Activity

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Kindergarten and preschool kids will love this build the letters in your name thankful craft. Looking for a fun way to introduce being thankful or practice letter order in names? This craft is perfect for kids of all ages!

Thankful Craft with Name Building Activity

You can get to use the printable you’d like depending on the ages of the children you’re working with. I would print out the activity in black and white, because all the templates are better set out this way. Learners will identify things they are thankful for and write those things onto the cookies. They will then cut and paste these onto their cookie trays.

Name Building Thankful Craft

To prepare:

  • A4 paper
  • Printer
  • Scissors
  • Colored crayons
  • Glue

Print as many templates you need. You will need a tray template and the template with the cookies and editable name letter boxes for each learner.

The only prep is having the names filled in and then the materials to get this craft going!
Thankful Craft with Name Building Activity

Use this printable craft to teach kids all about being thankful and what it means to be thankful in November. I have shared so many social studies printables and worksheets over on the website and I think these are crucial to every lesson plan or homeschool plan.

Showing kids that being grateful is important to count the blessings in their life. This habit will surely carry on for them in their adult years.

Thankful Craft with Name Building Activity

Some ideas of things they can be grateful about to get you started:

  • Having friends
  • My mom making my lunch today
  • Having food
  • Going to school
  • My teacher

They can add as many or as little information as they need. Younger age groups can write one worded responses, whereas kindergarten or first grade kids can elaborate a little more on it.

There is plenty of room for differentiation with this activity, so you could definitely use it with preschool as well as kids between ages 5 and 8. The kids will love the personalised ‘name’ task along with the craft.

I would hang these for display in your home too, or even go further with it and do a pretend play activity with this set. You could also use a real tray to place these on for added fun and grab a few oven mitts!

Be sure to download this thankful craft to your computer and then open in Adobe Reader DC for the full editable version to work.

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