Thank You Note to Your Kids {30 Days of Thanks}

how to simplify your homeschool

Day 15 Gratitude Card Idea: Your Kids

Becks 10 Reasons My Kids Like HomeschoolingYep, that’s right…tell your kids how thankful you are. What’s the best way to tell them? Send them a real card in the real mail. Won’t they be surprised to get a card in the mail?

For each child, send a separate card. Think of one character quality for which you are thankful. Now….send them a thank you note and tell them why you are so thankful for them and that quality God gave them.

Your card will make a huge impact, as well as be a keepsake for life. I still have cards my parents sent me. My kids have collected all the cards I sent them.

If you want to add some cool photos of your kids (like I’m doing), use our Challenge Sponsor, Couple Next Door Cards. Here’s the link and you can send 2 free cards at this website.

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Details for 30 Days of Gratitude Challenge can be printed here
30 Days Gratitude Challenge sponsored by Couple Next Door Cards

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how to simplify your homeschool
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