Thank You, God {30 Days of Thanks}

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Day 22 Gratitude Idea: Thank you letter to God

Have you ever written a thank you letter to God?

I’m going to write one this weekend.  With Thanksgiving upon us, I thought this would be the best thank you I could write.  Some of the items in my thank you letter will include:

  • Jesus dying on the cross for my sins
  • God’s Sovereignty in my life
  • God’s Faithful Love
  • God’s Omnipotence in what happens in my life
  • God’s Peace in all situations
thank you god for red & orange leavesWhat will you thank God for this Thanksgiving?
On a side note . . . 3 small gifts God gave me today are:
  1. Red leaves on a tree
  2. Orange leaves on a nearby tree
  3. Leaves fluttering in the wind as they fell from the tree
I had never noticed leaves being blown from the tree.  It was beautiful!
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ps. As always, I am grateful for my family, Steve, my kids & my parents, whom we spend this day with.
truth in the tinsel

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