Teen Girls Bible Study in San Salvador

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This week, I’m back in San Salvador helping with a private school’s end-of-year trip.  We just finished our first Bible study with our teen girls this week.  It was awesome.

Let me back up & share how this special Bible study came to be.

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As some of you know, Steve & I went to El Salvador last spring break with SHIP (Shelter the Homeless International Project). When we returned home, we knew this was the place we’d been praying for several years.  We immediately signed up for the summer trips.

Before last summer trips, Ann Horton asked me to lead a Bible study for the older girls. I did a little research, but couldn’t quite find something that would work.  So, I planned a VBS for all the kids to attend.

The VBS went well, but I didn’t think it met the needs of the teen girls.  When I returned from the summer trips, I prayed for the kids in El Salvador.  Through that prayer time, God encouraged me to do something that met the needs of the teen girls.  I wanted a special time with those girls – to encourage them in their walk with the Lord.

On our 2014 spring break trip, we had a Teen Girls Bible Study each morning with the orphan teens and each afternoon with the neighborhood teens.  We didn’t want to assign Bible work at home because the girls have school work every day.  Here’s what we did.

Teen Girls Bible Study

I asked each of the college girls on our team to share a Bible story or verses that meant something to them about making wise decisions.  Each day a different team member led our time together.  We spent about 10-15 minutes reading the Bible and hearing what God laid on our leader’s heart.  Then, we prayed for each other.

teen girls bible study - family mission trips - HowToHomeschoolMyChild.com

I was most impressed how the college leaders shared personal stories from their own life, stories that the teens could understand (relate to).  The teens from the orphanage were very quiet, but we know God’s Word doesn’t return void.  He is working in each of those young ladies.

The teens from the neighborhood answered questions and discussed a few of their concerns.  They shared prayer requests and prayed for each other.

One day Jocelyn prayed for Katherine to do well on her presentation at school. The next day we asked how Katherine’s did on her presentation.  She made  a 10 (highest score). We all clapped and were excited to see how God quickly answered that simple prayer.

Although it isn’t the same as a Bible study back home, it’s a start.  We’re laying a foundation for future Bible studies and discussions with those teenagers.  I’m excited to see how God will work with each of these young ladies.

Today . . .

teen girls bible study - Mission Trip in San Salvador - HowToHomeschoolMyChild.comToday we had another special time with the teen girls from the neighborhood in San Salvador.  Anne Barnby shared how you can choose joy in your life, regardless of your problems.  God is working in their lives and I look forward to seeing how He uses these short times together.

Will you pray for the teenaged girls in the orphanage and the surrounding neighborhood?

Will you pray that God guides their decisions as they strive to follow His Word?

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