Super Bowl Activities with Math…& Other Homeschool Math Ideas

With Super Bowl around the corner, why not try some fun Super Bowl math activities for kids ???  Your kids will love having fun with math and football.

Here are some fun ways to use the Super Bowl while teaching homeschool math to the kids.

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– Graph each Super Bowl champion team and the number of times they have won the Super Bowl.

– Graph the point spread for each Super Bowl (difference between points of winner and loser)

– Determine the average points scored by all winning teams.

See what other ideas you can come up with too!

Not a Sports Lover?

If you are not into sports or football, look at your family interests and find a way to integrate Math.  If you love animals, graph the sizes of your favorite animals. Or, graph the weights of your favorite newborn animals.

If you like astronomy, find the ratios of each planet to the earth.  Or, graph the sizes of each planet.

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You get the idea…We love sports, so I use that to teach math.  Your family may love something else…Use that passion to teach math.



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  1. Great post! We watch the Super Bowl, but really just for the commercials, lol. We are soccer fans here. Both of my boys play twice a year (spring and fall seasons) and have since they were both 5 years old (they are 7 and 12 now). Having said all that, the Fox Soccer Channel is one of my oldest’s favorite channels. I think I will share these ideas with him and just substitute soccer teams for football teams and soccer championship games, like the World Cup, for the Super Bowl! 🙂

    Again, great post! Thanks for sharing!

    Mom to a 7th grader, trying to show him that homeschool math isn’t really all that bad. 😉

  2. My daughter loves sports, so we are doing the science of why the ball bounces in basketball as well as integrating character studies from God’s word regarding teamwork, etc. Often, we will shoot and spell words one letter at a time or do trivia then shoot, next, I plan on making a map for the driveway of the us and shooting from different states, then, if you miss, then, if you can say the capital, a famous landmark, etc you will get another shot. 😉 We also use it with math. And, we use the newspaper to locate the latest stats on who won which game, etc. She loves the outdoors and sharing our faith as a family. She is also raising money for camp, (stewardship), so we will go on nature walks, take stems / leaves / flowers, press them, then put them in the laminating machine, identify them (science), acknowledge character lessons of God through his creation, then, make it a bookmark, often with a scripture, to sell in our etsy store, with a section dedicated to a portion of the money going to support the Wounded Warrior project and a local missionary family. She has also done the same with paperweights, those have been great. With every package, including our used curriculum, we send out a tract that is unusual or some form of ministry of the gospel.

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