Super Bowl History Activities for Kids

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The Super Bowl began in 1967 with the Green Bay Packers beating the Kansas City Chiefs. It was always played on the last Sunday of January until it was switch to the 1st Sunday in February in 2002. That’s part of Super Bowl history.

Why the switch?

It was all because of the attacks on Sept 11, 2001 and the television lineups were pushed back one week. Since then it has been played mostly in February.

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There is much more history to the Super Bowl –  how it got started, the pregame show, and learning about the Vince Lombardi trophy. You can read about all this and more by clicking here.

10 Super Bowl History Activities for Kids

Or try one of these fun activities for kids & homeschooling.

  1. Super Bowl Timeline: Create a timeline of significant events in the history of the Super Bowl. Include milestones, iconic games, and key players. Kids can illustrate these events on a large poster or timeline.
  2. Research and Present: Have kids research the history of the Super Bowl and present their findings. They can create presentations, posters, or even short skits about the evolution of the game.
  3. Team Histories: Explore the history of different Super Bowl-winning teams. Kids can research and present on a specific team’s journey to the championship, highlighting memorable games and players.
  4. Super Bowl Trivia: Organize a trivia session focusing on historical Super Bowl facts. Create quiz cards or a game show-style format where kids can test their knowledge in a fun and competitive way.
  5. Super Bowl Stadiums: Study the history of the stadiums where the Super Bowl has been held. Kids can create models or drawings of these stadiums and learn about their significance.
  6. Super Bowl Artifacts: Explore historical artifacts related to the Super Bowl, such as old tickets, jerseys, or memorabilia. Show these items to kids or display pictures, discussing their significance.
  7. Interview Activity: Have kids conduct interviews with older family members or friends about their memories of past Super Bowl games. They can document these stories through writing or video interviews.
  8. Super Bowl MVPs: Research and learn about past Super Bowl Most Valuable Players (MVPs). Kids can create trading cards or posters featuring these players and their achievements.
  9. Super Bowl Math: Use historical Super Bowl statistics for math activities. Kids can analyze data, create graphs showcasing trends, or calculate averages of scores or player performances.
  10. Super Bowl Stories: Encourage kids to write fictional stories set around historical Super Bowl events. They can create narratives involving players, fans, or even time-travel adventures during iconic games.

These activities blend history with the excitement of the Super Bowl, providing kids with a deeper understanding of the game’s evolution and significance over the years.

super bowl - football history - activities for kids from

Your kids will enjoy a break from your regular history when you spend a couple days study history in one of the above activities. There are several history activities for younger & older kids in our Super Bowl Unit Study & Activity Guide. You can grab your free copy by entering your first name and primary email below:

Encourage your kids to love learning & enjoy homeschooling, check out other Super Bowl Activities:


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