Super Bowl Art Activities for Kids

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Are there really Super Bowl art activities you can use with your kids in homeschooling? The answer is, of course. So much fun that your kids will love learning the weeks before the Super Bowl.

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To start, find pictures of football logos and other logos on the web. Talk about what makes a good logo. Then let your kids draw a new logo for one of the NFL teams.

10 Super Bowl Art Activities for Kids

Then, try one of these fun Super Bowl art activities for kids.

  1. Team Pennants: Create pennants featuring the logos or mascots of their favorite teams using colored paper, markers, and stickers. Kids can design and decorate these to support their chosen team.
  2. Jersey Design: Have kids design their own football jerseys on paper using fabric markers, adding team logos, numbers, and personalized designs.
  3. Football Helmets: Provide templates or craft materials for kids to create mini football helmets out of cardboard or papier-mâché, decorating them with team colors and designs.
  4. Game Day Banners: Make colorful banners or posters to cheer on their favorite team. Use paints, markers, and glitter to create spirited messages and team slogans.
  5. Pom-Poms: Construct pom-poms using tissue paper or crepe paper in team colors. Kids can shake these while cheering during the game.
  6. Super Bowl Trophy Crafts: Using clay, foil, or recycled materials, craft small replicas of the Lombardi Trophy and decorate them with paint or metallic paper.
  7. Field Goal Posts: Build miniature field goal posts using straws, popsicle sticks, and play dough or clay. Decorate them and create a small paper football to kick through the posts.
  8. Football Finger Puppets: Design and make finger puppets resembling football players using felt, googly eyes, and yarn. Kids can use these to enact their own mini games during breaks.
  9. Foam Finger Creations: Create foam fingers with craft foam sheets, markers, and glue. Let kids decorate them with team logos or personalized messages.
  10. Game Day Masks: Make football-themed masks using paper plates or cardboard, decorating them with paint, markers, or colored paper to represent their favorite teams or football-related characters.

These activities not only add artistic fun but also bring the Super Bowl spirit alive for kids! Be sure to have plenty of scrap paper for sketches and other art supplies for each of these fun activities in your homeschool.

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You can get a list of NFL teams and fun Super Bowl art activities in our Super Bowl Activities Printables by clicking here.  You’ll find lots of fun Super Bowl activities in our packet.

Encourage your kids to love learning & enjoy homeschooling, check out other Super Bowl Activities:

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