Super Bowl Activities for Kids

Super Bowl Activities for Kids from HowToHomeschoolMyChild.comIt’s right around the corner, so why not have some fun in your homeschool with our Super Bowl activities for kids this year. You might even try a Super Bowl mini-unit before the big game. Your kids will love it! We will email our Super Bowl Mini Unit after you enter your name & email below.

Super Bowl Activities with History

What’s the history of Super Bowl

Super Bowl Activities – Art

Fun with art during the Super Bowl

Super Bowl Activities for Kids – Geography

Use maps to find all NFL teams and discover more about US Geography

Super Bowl Activities with Math

Mathis an easy subject area to study during Super Bowl week.

Super Bowl Activities – Homemaking & Cooking

Lots of fun in your home as you let your kids cook

Super Bowl Printables

Print out these pages for your homeschool during Super Bowl week

FREE Super Bowl Activity Guide

More freebies for your homeschool

Other Super Bowl Activities for Kids

Click any of the links above and you’ll find activities for your own kids during this Super Bowl week. My kids (girls included) loved adding a little spice to our homeschool subject areas.

And why not play flag football with your family?  A great way to end a fun week of homeschooling.

And for the principal of your homeschool, why not have a Super Bowl Date Night. Find some ideas here:

Super Bowl or Football Date Nights

Question: Will your family watch the Super Bowl on Sunday? You can leave a comment by clicking here.









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