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School’s out for the summer! Summer is always a much-needed break for parents and kids to relax and prepare for the upcoming school year ahead. Unfortunately, we often find at the beginning of the next school year the kids have lost some of their skills. One way to prevent this is to have your kids complete our summer writing prompts this summer.

Don’t worry, these writing prompts are fun to write about and summer-themed, just in case you are already hearing the “But, Mom it’s summer” cries in your head. 

What are Summer Writing Prompts you ask!

Writing prompts are short paragraphs that introduce a topic for your child to write about. Instead of just telling your child to write a paragraph or two, or a short story, you are providing them with a place to start. The set-up of what you would like them to write about is given to them.

They can then take a moment to think about the prompt and write a story to complete it. An example of a writing prompt might be “ You woke up this morning and the weather is stormy. It is going to rain all day. What fun indoor activities can you spend the day doing with your family”? 

Let your children flip through the summer writing prompts and choose the one that most interests them to get started. 

Now you just might be wondering how these prompts can help your child.

Summer writing prompts help students to stay focused and on topic with their writing by giving them something specific to write about. If your child needs some help with being able to elaborate on the details in their writing, writing prompts can be very beneficial.

For example, if you give your child a writing assignment to complete, but they only write two or three sentences, how do you move forward? A writing prompt, particularly if it is engaging to them, can encourage them to create a more in-depth story. 

Now you may be wondering, why would you want to give your kids writing prompts over the summer?

After all, the schools are out for summer break! Just because school is out for a break doesn’t mean you want them to lose any handwriting or creative writing skills that they have gained over the past school year. They can lose a lot of the progress that they have gained simply by not practicing for a while. Of course, they will regain those skills in short order once school starts back, but why lose them in the first place?

 Besides, writing prompts can be a fun way to spend a little time once or twice a week keeping their skills up. These writing prompts could lead to fun crafts to make, adventures that you can take together, or activities that you can do.

For example, one of the writing prompts you will find here includes a story about a crab, after the writing is completed you can make some fun crab crafts! Or, you might read some of the books and watch videos included in this Ocean Unit Study.

Another summer writing prompt is about making a custom lemonade. After they complete the writing prompt, you can make lemonade together to share! Your kids might even want to set up a lemonade stand and try their hand at entrepreneurialism.

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I highly recommend your child handwrites the story, instead of typing it on the computer. Studies show that handwriting benefits your children in long-term memory and thinking skills. Once they’ve completed whichever summer writing prompts they choose, you can bind them together in a notebook, or as a memory of this summer. It’s a great keepsake for both mom and child to look back on later.

Below you will find a set of fifteen summer-themed writing prompts that your kids will enjoy writing about over the summer. The writing prompts are printable and they are available on both primary and elementary lines to accommodate young learners of all ages and skill sets. If your child is young, under 8 years old, you might have your child tell you their story. As mom, you can type out their story and let them copy it on their special paper.

What kind of topics and themes will you find in this download of summer writing prompts?

There is summer fun for everyone that will encourage your kids to put their creative writing skills to the test. Besides the prompts mentioned above, there are also writing prompts about going to the beach, learning to surf, going on a treasure hunt, and their favorite summer memories in addition to several others. These writing prompts will help you and your kids keep up their writing and handwriting skills all summer long! 

Summer Writing Prompts - Limited Time Freebie

Get all of these Summer Writing Prompts on lined paper (wide & narrow line options). All you need to do is print your own copy for each child. Let them write a response. So easy … PRINT & GO!

Right now, you can get it for free when you use code: SUMMER2022.

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