St Patrick’s Day Writing Prompts

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Keeping your children engaged in school come March becomes increasingly difficult as the weather warms up and the birds start singing outside and Spring break disrupts the routine. It’s so close to the end of the school year that children start getting easily distracted and unmotivated. Using thematic material such as these St Patrick’s Day Writing Prompts will help you inspire your children to stay the course.

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St Patrick's Day Writing Prompts

Why Use our St. Patrick’s Day Writing Prompts

Easy to Use. Simply print the pages, place them in a folder or three-ring binder, and you are all set. You can either let your child choose a new writing prompt each day or assign a writing prompt from the stack of printouts.

Fun and Engaging. Students will have all kinds of creative ideas when they see the illustrations and read the story starters included on each page. With those creative juices flowing, it will be no problem for your students to c complete each day’s writing assignment.

Challenging Practice. Students have a full page to fill up with their creative writing response to the journal prompt. For more advanced students, you can add a second sheet of lined paper and require a longer word count or more advanced techniques such as complex sentence structures.

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How to use our St. Patrick’s Day Writing Prompts

Print them out. The first option is to print out the illustrated pages and assign them to your students. The pages can be assigned one per day, one every other day, or once per week.

Use the online list. If you don’t want to print out the writing prompts, you can display this webpage on your overhead projector or television screen and let your students choose from the typed-out list of the St Patricks Day Writing Prompts below. This list is the same as what is found on the printable illustrated pages.

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Give Creative License. Allow your students to use full creative license when responding to one of the story starters. They can take what they read literally and respond with non-fiction.

Instead, students can spin-off in a completely different direction or introduce a twist. They can tell a story or turn it into an essay or even a research paper. Students can come at the writing assignment from any angle.

Assign Guidelines. You can choose to set guidelines for each assignment if you wish. One day you might set a minimum word count of 250 words, and another day you might require the student to write constantly for fifteen minutes straight. Perhaps you might ignore all grammar rules one day but the next day you might require that they have correct punctuation, spelling, and grammar.

If you like, you could give your students no rules and just allow complete freedom as long as they write some kind of response to the St Patricks Day Writing Prompts. You are the teacher, so you get to decide how to use these in your homeschool.

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St Patrick's Day Writing Prompts

The Complete List of Writing Prompts to use in March

  1. These foxes have caught a leprechaun and pinned him with this Irish flag. You save his life and he grants you three wishes. What happens next?
  2. As you stumble out of bed on St. Patrick’s Day you see this flag hanging on the street outside your window. A small child shoots his toy bow and makes a hole in the flag. What happens next? 
  3. On your way home from the local playground, you spy this hat floating on the water of a ditch near the sidewalk. What happens next?
  4. Your Mom placed flags of Ireland on the fence outside your home. As you head outside you notice a fox taking off with one of them. What happens next? 
  5. A jaunty fox walks down the sidewalk with this leprechaun hat on his head. You approach him to ask where he got the hat. What happens next? 
  6. A porcupine wandered across the road with a paper shamrock stuck to his quills. I asked him if he wanted help getting it loose. Here’s what happened next.
  7. You’ve caught the leprechaun, but now you need to convince him to take you to his pot of gold. How will you do this?
  8. Your rootbeer float is making St. Patrick’s Day amazing since it is the perfect dessert but then a little mouse pops his head out of your mug and starts to chatter. How do you respond?
  9. As you exit the grocery store you spot this squirrel sporting a leprechaun’s hat and carrying a three leaf clover. He says “Hello.” What happens next?
  10. A wise old owl is all decked out for the Irish holiday and asks if you’d like to join her for tea. How do you respond? What happens next?
  11. You accidentally let one of your St. Patrick’s Day balloons loose in the backyard. A few days later you get a phone call. What happens next?
  12. Running across the living room, a small racoon holds out his shamrock and offers it to you. What is the story of this shamrock?
  13. The leprechaun’s hat has clearly seen better days, but the fawn has a secret to tell you. What is the fawn’s secret and how do you respond?
  14. A little bird bounes from one fence post to the next, chanting something you can’t quite make out. You investigate, and this is what you find out…
  15. A bunny finds a beautiful shamrock to give his mother. On his way homes, he meets a leprechaun who tries to trick him into giving up the shamrock. What happens next?
  16. A large bear has bewitched the queen. Your job is to destroy the bear and save the queen. How do you proceed?
  17. He has no idea a shamrock is stuck to his head. It’s part of prank that was played in your math class. What is your part in the prank? Do you help the fox or not?
  18. A parade began at 10 a.m. on Main Street and you are at the back of the parade carrying the Irish flag for St. Patrick’s Day. In front of you, the unthinkable happens.
  19. Mr. Owl needs your help. He has lost his glasses on the sidewalk at the St. Patrick’s Day parade. Through thick crowds, the two of you search . . .
  20. You’ve found it! The pot of gold is in your grasp at last. How will you spend your newfound treasure?

Get all of these St. Patrick’s Day Writing Prompts on lined paper (wide & narrow line options). All you need to do is print your own copy for each child. Let them write a response. So easy … PRINT & GO!

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