New Year, New Beginnings

Welcome to all New Year, New Beginnings 2020 Mom Conference attendees! I’m so glad you’re here.

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Create Your Own 30-Day Challenge 
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CONFERENCE SPECIALS ends Sunday, January 12


I have a free workshop for everyone next Tuesday, January 14.  If you want to prepare your children to make wise decisions as adults, think for themselves and lead their families well, this workshop is for you!

You can read all about it & reserve your seat by clicking here

free workshop to start school right

On to our swag bag items . . .

Let’s start with your Swag Bag freebies.  To get your copy of Don’t Worry Prayers and our Verses & Prayers to Pray for Your Kids, just fill in your name & email below. We will send both of them quickly to you.

Don't Worry Prayers
Verses & Prayers to Pray for Your Children

CONFERENCE SPECIALS ends Sunday, January 12

To get our Super-Duper Special prices this week only during the New Year, New Beginnings: 2020 Conference for Moms, choose the best resource for your family and save LOTS of money on practical helps.

*** Remember that all profits from your purchases at How to Homeschool My Child go to help a poor neighborhood in El Salvador … through SHIP who shares Jesus’ love and salvation.

Is your home full of drama?
Are you stressing about your parenting,
feel like a failure, or can’t take another day?

Drama Free Mom: Finding Peace in Your Life, Your Home, Your Family

Click Here to all about the Drama-Free Mom bundle and save!

Enter the drama-free mom zone with practical strategies from the Bible to take stress, worry and anxiety out of your life. Discover Kerry’s four tools to be joyful, have peace and smile.

Your Drama-Free Mom Bundle includes a wide variety of resources for you to instill God’s peace in your life. You’ll receive each of the following:

  • Become a Drama-Free Mom: Finding Peace in Your Life, Your Homeschool, Your Family! ebook ($15)
  • Achieving Peace through Consistency video workshop ($10)
  • Busy Mom’s Game Plan: How to Stay Close to God video workshop ($10)
  • How to DeStress Moms with 3 R’s audio workshop ($10)

TOTAL Value $45, Conference Special Price $15

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Do you struggle with . . .

  • Staying focused?
  • Being consistent?
  • Being productive?
  • Getting organized?
  • Completing project?
  • Achieving goals?

Or is it difficult to get anything done with your kids around?

I can relate. 

I was a stay-at-home mom for over 20 years and a homeschool mom for 10 years. It’s hard to complete projects or stay focused when you’re raising a family.  That’s one reason I created our brand, new Busy Mom’s Organization Tool Kit.

I’ll give you tips & tricks I used to get organized, to stay focused & consistent, as well as getting projects completed.

It’s exactly what you need to start 2020. Grab your Tool Kit now and save $31! Instead of the retail price of $46 you pay the Conference Special Price of $15 and receive:

  • Busy Mom’s Get Organized ebook ($15)
  • Busy Mom’s Get Organized workbook ($10)
  • Juggling Activities as a Mom video ($7)
  • Planning & Productivity video ($7)
  • How to Manage Your Time video ($7)

Tool Kit price $46Conference Special $15
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Character Training Tool Kit
Following God Character Training Charts

Click here to read more about Character Training Kit

Your Character Training Tool Kit includes verse charts to take the guess work out of child training. Print as many of these charts as you need in your own family. You’ll also receive bonus items as listed below. This product is all digital

  • 3 Following God Charts (Consequences & Rewards from Biblical Perspective – $15)
  • Achieving Peace through Consistency Workshop ($10)
  • Teaching Good Manners: Tips for Busy Moms ebook ($10)
    • TOTAL Value $35,        Conference Tool Kit Price $9.95

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Christian Leadership Education Eclass

Click here to read all about Raising Leaders, Not Followers

If you want to jump off the conveyor belt
If you want your kids to have a better education than the factory school model
If you want an overall strategy of leadership education
If you want specific ideas on character development
If you want 9 strategies to develop a love of learning
If you have kids shifting to independent learning

Get the whole enchilada at a huge discount over 80% – This week only, you’ll get all of it:

  • 12 Week Christian Leaderhip Education Eclass delivered by email
    (Includes Love of Learning Eclass, How to Think Eclass , Raising Leaders & more)
  • 3 ebooks: Raising Leaders, Teach Your Children “How to Think” & Hop Off the Conveyor Belt
  • 3 video workshops
  • 3 transcripts
  • 3 classic book lists
  • Help for the Harried Homeschooler
  • 1 free month in our Christian Parenting Association membership. See details HERE.

Retail if bought individually: $171.80 … SAVE $134.80

Regular Class Enrollment Price $47 – Conference Special only $27

Enroll Me in the 12 Week Course

Making Biblical Decisions

Read more about Making Biblical Decisions by clicking here.

Sometimes in our lives, no matter how old we are or how long that we have been a child of God, we make decisions based on what we want for our lives, not what God wants for us. We forget that no matter how BIG or small the decision, that we should ALWAYS talk to God and follow His direction for our lives.

I would recommend this book to all Christians whether they are babes in Christ or have been walking with God for many years. 

Making Biblical Decisions is a good resource to use along with the Bible to learn how to consult with God when making decisions. It would also be good for the backbone members of a church to use as a reminder of how we as Christians should regard God in our daily decision making.  
~~Bridget Jones, TEACH Magazine~~

Retail Price $14.95 Conference Special – SAVE 33% at $9

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WEEKEND FLASH SALE – Save $5 on Quick Study in Debt

Isn’t it time you stopped worrying about paying off your credit card debt and mortgage each month?

Join Stephen & Kerry as they look to the Bible to determine the best view and approach towards debt, especially the all-consuming credit card debt.  Credit card debt can put more stress on a family than any other problem.

Read more about Debt Bundle Package by clicking here.

Includes Student Workbook, Teacher Guide, MP3 audio workshop

  • Student Workbook (digital) $15
  • Teacher’s Guide (digital) $15
  • Audio & Video Workshops $15
  • Teaching Your Kids about Debt & Finances Cheat Sheet – $7

Retail $52 –  WEEKEND FLASH SALE $12

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WEEKEND FLASH SALE – Save $5 on Create Your Own 30-Day Challenge

Who doesn’t need a little inspiration and motivation to get out of a rut every now and then?

When we work hard growing our businesses while also balancing our personal lives, we can often times get lost in the shuffle, which may lead to health issues or making bad personal & business decisions. Or we may simply feel like we’re just doing the same things over and over – much like the movie Groundhog Day – and wondering if this is all there is to life.

When you hit moments like this, you need to break up the monotony. 

Give yourself something new to focus on that will inspire you to take care of yourself. Or simply focus on something that is lacking in your business or personal life.

Creating a 30 Day Self-Challenge is just the thing that can spark some creativity and put some excitement back into your life.

Retail $97 –  WEEKEND FLASH SALE $14

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