Love of Learning 6 Week Class

What Secrets Will You Find in
Love of Learning 6 Week Class?

In this book, you can learn incredible strategies and tactics that I use to raise wise leaders through mentoring.  Here are the secrets you will learn in the manuscript…

  • Over 15 strategies to develop a Love of Learning
  • How to change your education paradigm
  • How to give your kids the tools of learning for a lifetime
  • How to start Leadership Education in your homeschool
  • How to use your philosophy & goals to improve your homeschool
  • Which character traits are foundational to leadership education
  • How to encourage humility in your children
  • How to develop a good work ethic in your family
  • What to do in Read Aloud Time with your family
  • How to use Math books to inspire Math study
  • How to help your child shift to independent study
  • How to have homeschool in the car
  • How to motivate your children to persevere

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Your success in using this powerful approach to educating your children is completely guaranteed. In fact, here’s my 100% Better-Than-Risk-Free-Take-it-To-The-Bank Guarantee:

30 Day Money Back Guarantee
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 Invest in the Encourage a Love of Learning 6 Week Eclass
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What’s included in the Love of Learning 6 Week Class?

Raising Leaders, Not Followers ebook ($16.95 ebook )
Raising Leaders, Not FollowersStudy Guide ($10 ebook)
Love of Learning Workshop  ($10)
Love of Learning Transcripts  ($5)
— 3 Classics Book Lists ($11) Children Classic List, Youth List, Adult List
Help for the Harried Homeschooler:
Schedules & Lists for Raising Leaders, Not Followers  ($11)
Christian Parenting Association 1 FREE month access ($9.97) *** SEE DETAILS BELOW
Total Package Value   $80.92


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I interview leading authors and researchers in the parenting & health field and get down to the nitty-gritty of what you can do to raise your children to follow Christ and to think Biblically for themselves after they leave your home. Topics we cover are:

“Taking Care of Mom…So She Can Take Care of Your Family”
“Organizing Your Home To Spend More Time With Your Family”
“Approaches to Homeschooling”

Discover some of the best strategies and tips to use with your family while your children are still at home.  Experts in taking care of Mom, time management, creative activities with your children, holiday celebrations, family health and much more will encourage you each month.

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  • Christian Parenting & Family Insiders  Audio – where I reveal the latest and greatest parenting & family-raising breakthroughs.
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