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“Mom, I’m bored. There’s nothing to do!”

I’m sure you never hear that in your house, right?

Summer Activities For Kids - Bored Nothing to Do

Have you ever read the book by Peter Spier, Bored, Nothing To Do? It’s about two brothers who are bored so their mom sends them outside to do “something”. Out in the garage, they build an airplane and fly it…

If you haven’t read the book, go to your library and grab a copy. Whether you’re 6, 16 or 86, you’ll enjoy it.

I think I’ll go read it again!  I love this book!

The airplane “project” results from boredom. There are two solutions to your kids’ boredom I want to share with you. I think both have positive outcomes for your children this summer and hope you will share these with your friends & family.

Last fall I read an article by our local librarian. She made the point that boredom in children produces creativity.

Think about it. When your children are bored, they often find something to do on their own. It takes creativity to imagine and invent your own “project”.

Summer Activities For Kids - Bored Nothing to Do

Remember the two brothers in Spier’s book. They were bored and definitely used their creativity to build & fly an airplane.

Stimulating Resources

With this in mind, you need to provide stimulating resources for your children. Resources can be as simple as the sticks in the backyard or more involved like craft baskets or lego boxes. When they are bored, they can use those resources as they spark their own imagination to overcome boredom. Usually, kids will find something to do because they don’t want to be bored.

Allowing your children to overcome boredom with their own creative projects allows you to see your children’s real passions and interests.

Simple Reminders

Another solution to boredom is pointing out places your children could go to cure their boredom. If your son simply sits on the couch staring at the ceiling, remind him of the boxes of legos in his closet or the race track pieces under his bed. When your daughter lies on her bed with nothing to do, mention the basket of art supplies in the family room. You get the idea.

I realize busy moms don’t always have time to remember suggestions for your kids to encourage creativity. I have a list of 206 fun summer activities for kids that I share every year.

Summer Fun activities for kids

You can get a copy of “Bored, Nothing to Do This Summer? 206 Fun Summer Activities for Kids” by entering your first name and primary email below.

How To Use The List

After you get this list, feel free to print it, cut them out and put each one in a jar. Let your kids choose one when they are “bored”.

Here’s what one mom had to say …

I got it! Thank you so much! I get so tired of hearing “I’m bored” all the time! lol!