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Don't Worry Prayers

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Approaches to Christian Homeschooling 7-Week ECourse

  • If you need help choosing the best method to homeschool
  • If you need to create goals for your homeschool so you know where you’re headed
  • If you need to figure out how to match your method to your goals
  • If you want to simplify your homeschool planning

Our 7-week Approaches to Christian Homeschooling ECourse will help you get started on the right foot. Approaches to Christian Homeschooling Bundle. You’ll have everything you need to develop goals for your kiddos and choose the best homeschooling approach for each of your kids.

7-Week E-Class $27 – SAVE 77% Total Value $186.87
FLASH SALE through March 24 midnight … Course is ONLY $22

Click Here to read a complete review of our Approaches 7 Week E-Class

  • If you want to jump off the conveyor belt
  • If you want your kids to have a better education than the factory school model
  • If you want an overall strategy of leadership education
  • If you want specific ideas on character development
  • If you want 9 strategies to develop a love of learning
  • If you have kids shifting to independent learning

…you should read  Raising Leaders, Not Followers: A Biblical Perspective of Christian Leadership ebook. Read our complete review here.

Ebook Retail $16.95 Summit Special $14.75

Teach Your Children "How To Think" Eclass
  • If you want your kids to influence those around them
  • If you want your kids to make wise decisions
  • If you want to lead with impact, instead of follow the frenzy
  • If you want your kids to think critically & Biblically
  • If you want specific tips on how to develop critical thinking
  • If you want practical ways to use mentoring in your homeschool
  • If you want to use classic books in your homeschool
  • If you want your kids to take ownership of their education
  • If you want to know how to have the BEST discussions in your homeschool…

. . . .  you should enroll in  Teach Your Children “How to Think” with Mentoring 6-Week ECourse .

6-Week Teach How to Think ECourse Retail $97.90  – Summit Special $22

If you prefer to read our How to Think ebook,
you can grab a copy by clicking here.
Retail $13.95 – Summit Special $11.16

Love of Learning 6 Week Eclass
  • If you want your kids to love learning
  • If you want creative methods to encourage learning
  • If you want to give your kids the tools of learning
  • If you want to use classic books in your homeschool
  • If you want your kids to be lifetime learners
  • If you want to know grow relationships with your children
  • If you want simple daily activities to encourage learning

. . . .  you should enroll in  Inspire a Love of Learning 6-Week ECourse .

Get all the details and read our review here.

6-Week Inspire a Love of Learning ECourse Retail $100.90
Summit Special $22

If you prefer to read about love of learning,
you can grab Raising Leaders, Not Followers which will help you with love of learning.
Retail $16.95 – Summit Special $14.75

If raising your children to influence those around them, to make wise decisions, to impact the world, I recommend enrolling in our Leadership Education ECourse.

You’ll receive weekly lessons with bite-sizeable chunks for you to put into practice. I don’t want to overwhelm you. I want to journey with you as you homeschool your children.

Our 12-week ECourse includes everything in the two 6-week ECourses, and MORE. All you need to get started with Christian Leadership is in this ECourse.

Read a thorough explanation of Leadership Education and the ECourse to see if it’s a good fit for your family. Be sure to come back here to get the special Summit enrollment prices.

Christian Leadership Education Eclass

Christian Leadership Education
12 Week E-Course

Another chance to get the whole enchilada at a huge discount over 80% – This weekend only, you’ll get all of it:

  • 12 Week Christian Leaderhip Education Eclass delivered by email (Includes Love of Learning Eclass, How to Think Eclass , Raising Leaders & more)
  • 3 ebooks: Raising Leaders, Teach Your Children “How to Think” & Hop Off the Conveyor Belt
  • 3 video workshops
  • 3 transcripts
  • 3 classic book lists
  • Help for the Harried Homeschooler
  • 1 free month in our Christian Parenting Association membership

Retail if bought individually: $171.80 … SAVE $134.80

Regular Enrollment Price $47 – Summit Special only $32  1-day Sale $32

12-Week Christian Leadership Education ECourse Retail $171.80
Summit Special $32Summit
Click Here to Read More about Leadership Education

Choose one of our Tool Kits that are specific for one approach.  Right now, we have the Character Training Tool Kit, Charlotte Mason Tool Kit and Unit Studies Tool Kit, two of our more popular homeschooling resources.

Charlotte Mason Tool Kit

Total Value $40 – Summit Special – Click here to get it for $9.95 Click Here to Read More about our Charlotte Mason Tool Kit, but come back here to get your special Conference pricing.

Unit Studies Tool Kit

Total Value $60 – $9.95  – Click Here to SAVE Click Here to Read More about our Unit Studies Tool Kit, but come back here to get your special Summit pricing.

Character Training Kit

Your Character Training Tool Kit includes verse charts to take the guess work out of child training. Print as many of these charts as you need in your own family. You’ll also receive bonus items as listed below. This product is all digital

  • 3 Following God Charts (Digital ONLY-Consequences & Rewards from Biblical Perspective – $10)***
  • Achieving Peace through Consistency Workshop ($10)
  • Teaching Good Manners: Tips for Busy Moms ebook ($10)
    • TOTAL Value $30,        Conference Tool Kit Price $9.95

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