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CONFERENCE SPECIALS ends Sunday, April 12

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I’m hosting a free workshop called 4 Steps to Raising Christian Leaders in Your Homeschool. You can read all about it by clicking here … or grab your seat below.

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Easy Family Meal Ideas Recipe Book for Homeschool Moms

CONFERENCE SPECIALS ends Sunday, April 12

Christian Leadership Education ECourse    $27 (ends Friday)

Love of Learning ECourse     $19  (ends Friday)

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Click here to read all about Raising Leaders, Not Followers

If you want to jump off the conveyor belt
If you want to provide a better education than the factory school model
If you want your kids to influence & impact those around them
If you want specific ideas on character development
If you want to give your kids 7 tools of learning for a lifetime
If you want 9 strategies to develop a love of learning
If you have kids shifting to independent learning

Get the whole enchilada at a huge discount over 80% – This week only, you’ll get all of it:

  • 12-Week Christian Leadership Education ECourse delivered by email Includes:
    Love of Learning ECourse
    How to Think ECourse
    Raising Leaders Ecourse
    – And more)
  • 3 ebooks: Raising Leaders, Teach Your Children “How to Think” & Hop Off the Conveyor Belt
  • 3 video workshops
    Raising Leaders, Not Followers
    Encourage a Love of Learning
    Teach Your Kids “How to Think”
  • 3 transcripts
  • 3 classic book lists
  • Help for the Harried Homeschooler
  • 1 free month in our Christian Parenting Association membership. See details below & HERE.

Retail if bought individually: $171.80 … SAVE $134.80

Regular ECourse Enrollment Price $47 – Conference Special only $37

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Don’t be overwhelmed with all the homeschooling choices out there. We break it down into bite-sizeable chunks to help you choose the best for your homeschool right now.

In our 7-Week Approaches to Christian Homeschooling ECourse, you’ll have everything you need to develop goals for your kiddos and choose the best homeschooling approach for each of your kids.

Approaches to Christian Homeschooling ($19.95 Ebook)

7 Weekly Assignments sent by email (retail $27)

7 Workshop – Video Recordings (retail $70)

  • Intro & Traditional
  • Classical
  • Charlotte Mason
  • Unit Studies
  • Biblical Principle
  • Unschooling-Resource Rich
  • Christian Leadership

7 Workshop Transcripts  (retail $35)

Approaches to Christian Homeschooling Overview Workshop (value $10)
Digital Resource Guide
(value $14.95)
Christian Parenting Association
(value $9.97 – 1 free trial month – See Details Below)

Conference Special $27 – SAVE 77% Total Value $186.87

Is your home full of drama?
Are you stressing about your parenting,
feel like a failure, or can’t take another day?

Drama Free Mom: Finding Peace in Your Life, Your Home, Your Family

Click Here to read all about the Drama-Free Mom bundle!

Enter the drama-free mom zone with practical strategies from the Bible to take stress, worry and anxiety out of your life. Discover Kerry’s four tools to be joyful, have peace and smile.

Your Drama-Free Mom Bundle includes a wide variety of resources for you to instill God’s peace in your life. You’ll receive each of the following:

  • Become a Drama-Free Mom: Finding Peace in Your Life, Your Homeschool, Your Family! ebook ($15)
  • Achieving Peace through Consistency video workshop ($10)
  • Busy Mom’s Game Plan: How to Stay Close to God video workshop ($10)
  • How to DeStress Moms with 3 R’s audio workshop ($10)

TOTAL Value $45, Conference Special Price $15

If you’re struggling to stay focused & consistent, as well as getting projects completed.

It’s exactly what you need to stay organized & focused. Grab your Busy Mom’s Video Tool Kit now for FREE this week only.

  • Juggling Activities as a Mom video ($7)
  • Planning & Productivity video ($7)
  • How to Manage Your Time video ($7)

Tool Kit price $21Conference Special FREE

Character Training Tool Kit
Following God Character Training Charts

Click here to read more about Character Training Kit

Your Character Training Tool Kit includes verse charts to take the guess work out of child training. Print as many of these charts as you need in your own family. You’ll also receive bonus items as listed below. This product is all digital

  • 3 Following God Charts (Consequences & Rewards from Biblical Perspective – $15)
  • Achieving Peace through Consistency Workshop ($10)
  • Teaching Good Manners: Tips for Busy Moms ebook ($10)
    • TOTAL Value $35,        Conference Tool Kit Price $12.95

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Are you struggling to help your kids have the tools of learning?
Are your kids “less than” motivated to love learning?
Do you want to inspire your kids to love learning for a lifetime?
Is it hard to encourage your boys to even like, much less love, learning?

I understand.

My kids even complained about homeschooling – GASP!

Don’t believe all the speakers who say their kids LOVE homeschooling. My kids loved it sometimes, but many times they didn’t. Their love for learning grew and it took time. Give yourself grace & time (years) to allow your kid to fall in love with learning.

6 Week Course – Weekly Assignments Email $27

  • Raising Leaders, Not Followers Ebook $16.95
  • Study Guide $10
  • Love of Learning Video Workshops & Transcripts $15

Classics Book Lists – Children, Youth, Adult List $11
Help for the Harried Homeschooler: Schedules, Printables & Lists for Christian Leadership Education $11
Christian Parenting Association 1 free month in our Christian Parenting Association membership. See details HERE.

Total Value…$100.90 – Conference Special Price $27

FLASH SALE $19 (ends April 10)

Can your kids think for themselves?
Can they use their thinking skills to influence the world?
How well can they discuss what they are learning?
How well can your kids make wise, Biblical decisions?
How well can your kids solve problems
       … not just Math problems but real life problems?
Are your kids inspired to learn more?

If I’m honest, my kids struggled with some of the areas listed above (decision making, critical thinking, Biblical thinking, wanting to learn more). So, I started doing some research in the middle of our homeschool years. I discovered mentoring as an option to help my kids think for themselves and make wise decisions.

What I discovered was an education strategy that is very easy for homeschoolers (and Christian educators) to use.

6 Week Course – Weekly Assignments Email $27

  • Teach Your Children “How to Think” with Mentoring Ebook $13.95
  • Study Guide $10
  • Teach “How to Think” with Mentoring Video Workshops & Transcripts $15

Classics Book Lists – Children, Youth, Adult List $11
Help for the Harried Homeschooler: chedules, Printables & Lists for Christian Leadership Education $11
Christian Parenting Association 1 free month in our Christian Parenting Association membership. See details HERE.

Total Value…$97.90 – Conference Special $27

FLASH SALE $19 (ends April 9)


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I interview leading authors and researchers in the parenting & health field and get down to the nitty-gritty of what you can do to raise your children to follow Christ and to think Biblically for themselves after they leave your home. Topics we cover are:

“Taking Care of Mom…So She Can Take Care of Your Family”
“Organizing Your Home To Spend More Time With Your Family”
“Approaches to Homeschooling”

Discover some of the best strategies and tips to use with your family while your children are still at home.  Experts in taking care of Mom, time management, creative activities with your children, holiday celebrations, family health and much more will encourage you each month.

When you respond and place your order today with your credit card, you automatically receive one month of my elite Christian Parenting Association and, and receive ONE FREE Month.

Each month, you receive seasonally-relevant tips & tricks to help you raise your children.  What does this include:

  • Christian Parenting & Family Insiders  Audio – where I reveal the latest and greatest parenting & family-raising breakthroughs.
  • Christian Parenting & Family Hot Sheets – techniques related to your monthly audio
  • FREE Monthly Ebook or PDF
  • Seasonal projects & ideas for that month (August is Back to School, November is Thanksgiving, March is Spring…and so on)
  • Quick & Easy Recipes
  • Articles to Encourage Moms & Dads
  • Homeschooling Strategies