Service Projects for Kids & Easy Crafts for Kids

Since the neighbor kids are on vacation from school, I planned some service projects for kids.  SHIP provides education, uniforms, tutors and more for these kids. We wanted them to give back.

Service Projects for kids and Easy Crafts for Kids - paint & stencil flour sack towels from

I decided on easy crafts for kids by painting kitchen towels for each of the ladies with a micro-business.  I searched pinterest for some ideas, bought paint & stencils at Hobby Lobby and found flour sack towels at Target the night before we left.  (Flour sack towels can be difficult to find, especially at a reasonable price).

I divided the kids into groups, so they could work together. In each group was a teenager, a tween & a young child.  Some of the kids weren’t very happy with their group, until I reminded them God wants us to be content & patient. These are 2 virtues we studied in VBS last year with We Choose Virtues.

Easy Crafts for Kids - paint & stencil flour sack towels from

After showing them how to stencil dots on the bottom of a towel, I demonstrated how to paint with the stencil.  Many of the groups let the youngest paint rows of dots.  Even a five year old could paint the dot (or puntos). It took team work to paint with stencil – one person holding the towel flat, another holding the stencil in place and a third person painting.

The towels turned out great. With a little product control, the kids might paint towels for our donors or to sell in the SHIP shop.

If you’re looking for simple service projects for kids, painting kitchen towels might be just for you.


.Question: Do you know any service projects for kids OR easy crafts for kids? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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