San Salvador Orphanage Trip

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As many of you know, one of our goals for the past few years is to find an orphanage in Central America where we can use our gifts.  What you might not know is we have not been able to fulfill that goal financially.  Over the past two years, God had not graced us with extra income to go on that type of mission trip.

Things have changed.

SHIP Sheltering the Homeless International ProjectThis year God provided for us financially at the same time we learned about SHIP (Sheltering the Homeless International Project).  God’s timing is perfect!

Later this month, Steve & I leave for San Salvador to work at an orphanage with other members of SHIP.  We are especially excited about this trip because it blends our gifts of carpentry & teaching/working with kids.

Some of us (probably Steve) will be providing a home makeover for a lady near the orphanage.  Her husband died at the beginning of February and her son’s family lives with her.  I don’t know all the details, but she will have a completely different home when we leave.

SHIP Sheltering the Homeless International ProjectOthers of us (probably Kerry) will work at the orphanage.  We’ll be cooking, gardening, teaching, working with the kids or some other project.

You might be asking yourself, “Why don’t you know exactly what you’ll be doing?”

If you’ve ever gone a mission trip to Central America, you know the name of the game is “Flexibility”.  You never know what will happen when you get down there.

On Steve’s first mission trip to Nicaragua, the team was suppose to lay the foundation for a church building. Sounds simple!

They broke rock into small pieces of concrete so they could make cement.  Huh??? The missionary got a good deal on rocks, so they didn’t bother with buying concrete.

Let’s face it, their values are different from ours.  They value relationships & Americans value efficiency & productivity. (Maybe there’s a lesson for us…)

Steve & I are both excited about our trip and how God will work while our team is in San Salvador.

SHIP Sheltering the Homeless International ProjectWould you pray with us?

  • We will follow God’s leading
  • We will love the orphans and the neighborhood
  • We will show God’s love to all around
  • We will meet their physical needs
  • God will give wisdom to the leaders of our trip, Robert & Ann Horton
  • I might understand Spanish  – or remember what I’ve learned in the past
  • God will prepare the hearts of the kids & teachers for His working in their lives
  • We will be safe & have good health

We believe this is one of the best types of trips to take…You work alongside the people who live there and you grow relationships.  You don’t go pass out tracts, but you earn the right to share Jesus with them.

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  1. Kerry and Steve, Flexability is the keyword for all the mission trips I have been on. Will keep you in my prayers. I have been to El Salvadore on a Mission Trip, Just remember there is a WalMart in San Salvador. It was wonderful to Buy some electric fans there so we could sleep a little more comfortably. Misson Trips have always been so rewarding even with all of the difficulties. When you get with the people you learn people are the same the world over, when you get away from politics and accept others religion beliefs etc. – They want clothes on their body, a Full tummy, a roof over their head, and a life better for their children than what they have had. May God Bless You and Your Other Members. Have a Wonderful and Safe Trip.

    1. Larry,
      Thanks for your kind words. We are definitely excited about this trip. It reminds me of our mission trips to Mexico when our kids were very young. You really learned that people are the same when you watch your own kids play with other kids, even though they couldn’t speak the same language.

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